Sunday, 15 September 2013

Vivo Cosmetics Haul + First Impressions

Vivo Cosmetics isn't something I see talked about very often but from my experience they are a great budget beauty brand. Very similar to brands like MUA and Look Beauty (I'm sure they are owned by the same company) they offer some good quality products at an amazing price. 

A few months ago (this haul is super late, SORRY!) they had a half price sale and I put in an order. The already great prices were half of the norm, so why not try out some new things. 

I picked up one of their pearl eyeshadows in shade 9 Goddess. These are very, very similar to the MUA shadows and this is identical to shade 30. The only difference is the packaging. The Vivo version, 50p more expensive than MUA, is encased in a more sturdy square compact. It's easy to store, and because it's more sturdy I feel better about chucking it in my makeup bag for on the go. 

I grabbed two of the Vivo lashes to try out. I've been getting into false lashes more and more recently, but the things are expensive. These retail for between £2 and £4 and are pretty great for the price. The Natural Night lashes are my favourite. They are half lashes they look relatively natural when on. The glue that comes with the is quite crappy but with the Eyelure Lash Adhesive I like them. 
The Flirty Wink variety aren't as amazing. The bad is just a bit to thick for my liking and it's pretty obvious you've got lashes on. 

The next thing I decided to try out was the Matte Lipsticks. At just £1.99 a pop, they are ok. I should have done some more research on the colours because the colours aren't my favourite. The formulation isn't the most long lasting, and it's not 100% matte, but  for the price they last long enough for me. 

Naturally Nude is my favourite of the two, although without a gloss it can make me look ill. On the website the colour looked deep, and more brown but in person it's a lighter nude shade that washes me out. 

Pink Sweetie looked like a gorgeous medium pink online. I thought I would snap it up because you can never have to many wearable pinks. Sadly it's not that wearable. It's a bright, light pink that I can only descirbe as barbie. It doesn't suit my pal skin tone, and when I've tried to wear it my mum told me I looked like I was 7 and just got one of those Barbie endorsed makeup sets with those horrid shades nobody can every really wear.  It's not showing up quite as bright or pastel in the swatch but believe me it really is. 


The last thing I picked up was the Vivo Highlighter. This retails for £5. In the tube it looks like a yellow/golden tone in the tube but blends out into nothing. It leaves a very slight shimmer on the skin but nothing noticable. I thought this would be great to use to highlight or mix in with foundations but all it really does is sheer out the foundation. I'm not really impressed with this and I thought it has so much potential. Sadly, it's not the best.  

Overall, I would suggest trying some bits out from Vivo. They are available in some Tesco stores and online here.  They have free worldwide shipping at the moment too, but it's worth a look.
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  1. I've heard of Vivo but never tried any of it out. The eyeshadow seems to look the best and is a lovely gold colour. I like the look of the fake eyelashes too although I'm hopeless at putting them on.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

    1. They eyeshadow is really gorgeous! I suck as putting falsies on too but I'm determined to get better :) x

  2. I've never heard of Vivo before but I'd love to try it! The eyeshadow looks like a lovely colour xx

    1. It's really worth taking a look at! Great price and pretty decent quality :) x


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