Friday, 6 September 2013

#30in30 Lips Edition: Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

The Revlon Lip Butter's are a major blogger cult product. Everyone just about lost their shit over these things when they hit the shelves, myself included. After giving the a long and through testing I've found I like them, but they aren't amazing. They really aren't groundbreaking, and only some shades are decent. 

Sweet Tart if the one shade I adore. It's a beautiful bright pink colour that is more lipstick than lip balm. The bright pink isn't blue toned like my usually favourites, but  it still looks flattering on my lips. The bright colour is great for a pop of colour and to add something to a simple makeup. 


The packaging is pretty cute, but because of the balm texture of the bullet it gets really messy. The slightly see through plastic of the cap means you can see all the crap over the lid but if your careful or just don't care then the packaging is alright. 

They don't last all that long on the lips and they don't fade very evenly. I don't mind about the fading because I'm an obsessive lipstick applier. It  top up all the time because I hate the feeling of dry/bare lips. 

Overall I adore the shade and will repurchase it. It could be longer lasting though, and a little less soft.

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