Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Khloe Kardashian Beauty Must Haves | Nars, Lancome and Cetephil

Say what you want about the Kardashians, but you have to admit that they all look pretty darn stunning all the time. Their makeup is somewhat of an inspiration for me, with Khole's being top of that list.  So, today I have a quick post just discussing some of the beauty products Khloe Kardashain uses to create her almost always flawless makeup looks. 

So, to kick it off lets start with skincare. Apparently, Khole uses the Pro-Active system with La Mer moisturizer and the Cetaphil gentle cleanser being added into the routine. The La Mer cream is crazy expensive, and something I cannot foresee myself trying. I do want to try Cetaphil products because I can have sensitive skin. Pro Active isn't for me because I don't have acne or breakouts that need treating with such a harsh regime. 

Now for lashes. Enormous Lash is a growth serum she uses for healthy, long and stong lashes and to get an even more dark and dramatic look she uses the Lancome Hypnose Mascara. 

Lips are a big deal for the Kardashian sisters. They tend to go for the more nude look, and like sister Kim, Khloe is also a fan of the ever famous Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss. The summer time brings about more true nude shades for Khloe, but she also does enjoy pink and peach shades.

Finally, lets talk bronzer. Kourtney Kardashian uses the Nars bronzer in Casino, but Khloe apparently goes for the lighter (and more famous) Nars Laguna bronzer which is an all time favourite of mine. It looks matte, without being flat. It isn't too cool toned or to orange and it blends beautifully over the skin. I would highly recommend trying it, even if you are as pale as paper. I can use it and I resemble the colour of Casper The Friendly Ghost most of the time. 

I hope you liked this post. I have some similar for Kim (Link HERE) and Kourtney (Link HERE) if you are interested. I also did something like this for the stunning Cheryl Cole (Link HERE) if you want to give that a read. 

Thanks for reading, and come back soon for more posts.


Monday, 23 June 2014

Little Mix by Collection | Perrie's Trio Palette

Collection (previously Collection 2000 are a brand that is hit and miss for me. I adore some of their products but some just fall short for me. Unfortunately, The Little Mix By Collection Perrie Trio is one that doesn't hit the mark. Personally, I can't comment on how well these colours represent Perrie from Little Mix. They aren't a band I follow, or pay any attention too.

The palette contains 3 shadows and one of those little foam applicators that no one really uses. It comes in a nice compact plastic case with a clear lid to allow easy viewing of the colours. It has a nice secure closure, so it won't be popping open in a makeup bag. There isn't a mirror, which can be handy, but I don't really carry eyeshadows palette around with me for touch ups so I don't really need the mirror. 

The three shades are seemingly perfect for creating a smokey eye. The gold shade is intended to be a highlight, with the grey meant for all over the lid and the sparkly black meant for the crease and outer corner.  Personally, the gold is not the sort of highlight I can pull off, I perfer white or cream shades. The grey is an okay colour all over the lid, but the black is to similar in colour to create any depth and darkness on the out part of the eye. None of the shades are particularly pigmented, with the black probably being the most disappointing. It comes off as the same colour as the grey middle shade,  and without any kind of evidence that there is sparkle like you see in the pan. The gold isn't really that opaque of a colour either, but I can make that work for me more than I can the other too. They grey shade is probably the most impressive, but it does take some working with. You can build it up, but it is fall out central on your face.

 I like the lasting power of the shadows. Without a base they did crease but it was after about 6 hours, which I think is great. With a base like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo, it lasted all day with only slight fading and no creasing.  

I personally wouldn't purchase this for myself but if you fancy picking it up it is available here for only £3.19

Friday, 20 June 2014

Kiko Full Protection Foundation Stick Rant Review

I really just have one thing to day about this foundation stick, and it's 'Just No!'. It is a bit of a hot mess and if you want to know why you should run away from this product as fast a Usain Bolt then please read on. 

The Kiko Full Protection Foundation stick is a stick of foundation that surrounds a moisturizing core. It has a SPF of 15, and is packaged in a matte black plastic casing that twists up when you need more product. 

I have shade 1, the lightest available and it is so dark. I cannot make the shade work for me at all, even with much blending down the neck. It is yellow toned, but because it's so dark it just looks so orange. If you want to audition for a role as an extra in TOWIE then grab this because you will look like you have been tangoed. 

The formula is an oily mess! It is so greasy that if you got hot enough you could deep fry chips on your face. I have really dry skin, and I couldn't handle this for even an hour. I can't comment on lasting power because I refused to keep this on my face, even with powder piled on. 

The packaging was nice, but with the product being so dodgy I couldn't care less about the packaging. 

It was affordable, but if you have a few pounds to spend on a foundation try something from MUA (like the Undress Me Skin) or Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. They might not be stick foundation but they work better, and if you want the convenience of a stick then try a stick concealer for touch ups on the go.
Wednesday, 18 June 2014

ELF High Definition Powder in Translucent *Review*

The ELF High Definition Loose Powder is a white silca powder meant for setting foundation and creating a HD base. It retails for £6 on the ELF website, and is hyped up as a dupe for the Makeup Forever HD Powder.

The packaging is really chunky, and quite impractical. The black is really nice and sleek, and the shape is interesting and something quite unique but it's not something you can throw in your bag and it doesn't travel well. 

The puff is a nice addition, and it helps keep the powder from flying every where if you keep it in the jar. It does get horribly dirty if you use it to set foundation, and does look gross but it's decent quality, and works if you don't have a brush. I preferred to use the real techniques buffing brush or powder brush with the powder though. 

The powder is really nice. It sets foundation really nicely, knocking out the shine and keeping the liquid in place. It is translucent, at least on my skin tone, and doesn't leave a white cast. I haven't tested it with flash photography, so I can't tell you anything about flash back. It lasted such a long time, like most loose powders, and because it's a nice finely milled powder it doesn't cake up foundation to easily. 

Overall, I think the ELF HD Powder is so worth it. I would say try it if you want something that keeps foundation in place, gives you a more perfected look and it is really affordable.
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Monday, 16 June 2014

Top 10: Maybelline

maybelline favourites

Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands, second only to Rimmel. It has some amazing products that are cheap and they are worth every penny and more. I have shared a few other top picks from some drugstore brands so far on my blog (Rimmel and L'Oreal if you fancy giving those posts a read) and I wanted to continue on and showcase one of my favourite brands. 

 So, without further or do, here are my top 10 Maybelline picks (they aren't in order by the way. It was hard enough picking 10, let alone putting them in order):

1) Dream Fresh BB Cream
I love this BB Cream, and it is one of my all time favourites. I think I like the Rimmel BB Cream a little more because it has a little more coverage but if you need something that can even out skintone, correct redness and hydrate the skin this BB cream is for you. It doesn't have the highest coverage, and it isn't going to perform miracles but it's a nice western BB Cream. I use this alone with a higher coverage powder or concealer, or I use it as tinted primer under foundations. It works great in both ways, and for only £7.99 it's really worth it. 
2) Master Drama Kohl Eyeliners 
If you want something cheap, that is going to perform like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Liners then look no further. These Master Drama Kohl eyeliners are pigmented, long lasting and really creamy. They don't tug on the eye in any ways. They blend well if you want to smudge them out but they set and last all day. I use them on my waterliner and as liner along my top lashes and I can't fault them. They are about £4.99 I think, and they have a few colours. They only thing I wish they would do is release more of a shade range. 
3) Colossal Volume Express Cat Eye Mascara
I love the colossal volume express cat eye mascara because it gives a bit of everything. The curved brush does help with curl, the formula is really black and stays put really well and you get length and volume. It's not as voluminous as some of the other mascaras from Maybelline like the Falsies or the new Go Extreme Volume Express. It does give better separation  and length than those formulas though. The packaging is nice, much like all other maybelline mascaras and it's no to expensive either. 
4) Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer 
I really like the Instant age rewind concealer, and would love to try the radiant shade they have in the US. I like the packaging, even with the sponge that so many complain about. I prefer the sponge to the brush tip applicators on concealers like the Dream Lumi. I like the formula because it covers, stays put, doesn't crease (on me at least) and it matches my skin tone. I find it great for under my eyes, for redness and on blemishes, and I find it works really well over most foundations. It's £7.99, so similar to other under eye concealers and it is free from shimmer and glitter too which I love.
5) Dream Satin Liquid Foundation 
The dream satin liquid foundation is one of my all time favourite foundations, probably coming 3rd after double wear from Estee Lauder and Wake Me Up from Rimmel. I really like the shade light porcelain, but I can pull of Ivory too. The undertones are great for my skin, but for someone with really yellow undertones the shades might not work brilliantly for you. The formula is quite thick, but it doesn't feel cakey on the skin. It covers my redness really well, gives a nice dewy (but no to shiny) finish and with a light dusting of powder I find it stays in place all say. It layers well with concealers and blushes etc without caking up and it's only £7.99. 
6) Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner 
The gel eyeliner is the best gel liner I've tried from the  drugstore. I like the packaging, the brush and the formula. It is really pigmented, long lasting, non-irritating on the waterline and tight liner and glides on. It is really creamy, and fluid enough to create a nice line free of bumps. The packaging is a nice frosted glass jar with a sophisticated sliver top, the brush allows you to create a thin or thicker line on the top lash line and it does work for placing product on the water/tight line.

7) Baby Lips Lip Balms 
I love the baby lips range from Maybelline. The balms give you a sheer tint of colour, smell lovely, look super cute and don't dry out the lips. I can't say that they are the best lip balms for solving dry lip issues, but the coloured formulas are nice if you do have chapped lips. The red (cherry me) is my favourite, with the peach kiss being a close second.  They both smell amazing, and taste good too. They are super cheap, and great for lip product newbs and for those who want something more sheet. 

8) Mega Plush Volume Express Mascara 
 Maybelline Maga Plush might be my favourite Maybelline mascara. It has a huge wand, and it is quite flexible. The brush is bristle, rather than plastic spikes. It is almost oval in shape, with the tip and base being smaller than the centre. It stays on my lashes all day, without flaking or smudging. It's a nice black colour, and gives my lashes good length and volume. It holds a curl, even though it's not waterproof and it doesn't clump them up at all. 

9) Fit Me Concealer 
The Fit Me Concealer is one of the best I've ever tried. My all time favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concelear, but this is a close second. It isn't quite as long lasting as the Collection, but it doesn't dry as matte as the Colleciton. I can use this on blemishes, redness and under my eyes, whereas the collection alternative cannot be used under my eyes. The only thing I have to complain about is the shade range but I can just about get shade 15 to work for me so I can't complain to much. It covers well, lasts ages, doesn't cake up and is really cheap.

10) Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Eyeshadows 
I'm not sure that I need to day anything about these because everyone and their little puppy have raved about these. They are long lasting coloured cream eyeshadows that can be used alone or as a base for other shadows. They are a nice gel-cream forumla, nicely pigmented and last all day without creasing. I will say that if it is really hot, and I haven't set them with something I can see a little creasing but that is very rare. I wish the UK has more of the US colour selection, and I can't wait to try and get my hands on some matte shades. 


Monday, 2 June 2014

Top 6 L'Oreal Cosmetics Favourites

So, I've started a series on my blog documenting my favourites from a range of popular drugstore brands. I started with Rimmel (READ HERE), and today I have L'Oreal. I've just focused on cosmetics here, but if you want some skincare picks please let me know.

So, lets get on with the top 6: 

loreal favourites

1) Glam Shine Lipgloss 
The Glam Shine Lipgloss are some of my favourite ever. They have a really good formula, and the applicator  is great. The formula is not sticky at all, the perfect amount of glossy and it sits nicely on the lips (especially if they are dry).
I love the shade Rosewood Blush but the formula is great so if you want something other than a nude you can find something for you.  You can see it swatched here in my Lipgloss collection if you want to see the shade.

Apparently Cheryl Cole is a huge fan of these glosses, and you can read about her favourite shade here

2) GlamShine Stain Splash
The GlamShine
Stain Splashes
are one of the new crazes in makeup. The product lasts a long time on the lips, and is accompanied by a nice glossy finish.  They are very similar to the YSL Glossy Stains so if you want to try those, maybe pick there up here first to see if you like the texture and idea of a glossy stain. They last a long time, like they are meant to, don't dry out your lips to much and have a nice scent. The forumla is buildable, so you can get a sheerer or more bold finish. You can see the shade Eve featured here, but please ignore the review. I take back everything about it because it was user error that made me dislike the gloss stain, not the product itself.  

3) Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer 
The Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer  is a gorgeous offering from L'oreal. The primer isn't to silicone-y like most primers, but it does help a little with lasting power. It gives the skin a metallic quality when alone, but with a foundation or bb cream over the top it just gives the skin a gorgeous luminous quality. It is a little more on the expensive side for a drugstore primer, but it can be used as a primer, mixed in with foundation or as a highlight over foundation so you have a few products in one here, so the £9.99 is worth it. You can pick it up at Boots and Superdrug if you want to give it a go.  I featured this in my top 3 highlighters post here, if you want to give that a read. I goes into a little more detail about why I love it, so it might be worth a browse if you are thinking of picking this up.  
4) Mega  Volume Miss Manga Mascara 
The Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara  is my favourite mascara at the moment. I love the colour, I love the lasting power and I love the wand. The wand is probably the most unique thing about the mascara. It's a nice cone like brush that enables you to get all your lashes and it's really flexible. The colour is super black and it lasts all day on my lashes without flaking or smudging. It's only £8.99, which is on the cheaper side for L'Oeal Mascara and for me it's  the best one they do. You can also get other colours besides black which I really want to try. I think they have a turquoise and a purple, which are also only £8.99.  

5) Colour Infalliable 24 Hour Eyeshadow 
The Colour Infalliable 24 Hour Eyeshadow are a unique type of eyeshadow for the drugstore. They have the pigment and texture on the eye as a loose pigment but they have the convenience of a pressed shadow. They can be used wet and dry, they stay place in all day and they don't crease. They are insanely pigmented and only £6.99, but are worth so much more. You can see the shades they have here in the UK here if you fancy, but I really want to get my hands on some US shades because they look beautiful. 
I have a review of the shade Endless Chocolat if you fancy giving it a read here.  

6) Colour Riche L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick
The Colour Riche L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick are quite a new releases from L'oreal and everyone seems to be having a little rave about them. They are like a balm, gloss and lipstick all wrapped into one little tube. They are pigmented mixed with oils I believe making them feel lovely on the lips. The name are also really cute, and all have something to do with music. It They are £8.99 each, and you can see all the shades and pick them up here if you fancy.  

Let me know your favourite L'Oreal products in the comments! I really want to try more from the range, and I think True Match foundation might be next on my list. 

Thanks for reading,