Friday, 29 August 2014

Revlon Lust List | Photo Ready, Moisture Stains and ColourStay Liners

Revlon is probably one of my favourite brands from the drugstore, and their stand out products for me are the lip products they offer. I have tried their face and eye products before, but would love to try more. Here is my lust list from Revlon at the moment, and it lists products I want to try for the first time or a product that I want to try more shades of it. 

revlon wishlist

Revlon Photoready Foundation 
I've been wanting to try the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation for the longest time. I adore the Colour Stay for dry skin, and this was just as raved about back in the day. It does have small shimmer particles so tread carefully but I really want to see how this works on my dull skin. 

Revlon Shadow Links Eyeshadows 
I've had a love hate relationship with Revlon shadows, and I've not heard the best things about the Shadowlinks but I still really want to try them. I want to see if they can work for me and the concept is a really cool idea for me so I kind of want to buy into the gimicky packaging. They are only £2.99 a pop to so I won't be loosing TOO much. 

Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eyeliner
I've been trying liner more and more recently but have yet to find my holy grail liner. I have some that go on really well but fade or flake off. I have found some that last well but are a bitch to apply. I'm hoping that this sort of formula combined with the felt tip nib will help me find what I need. 

Revlon ColourStay Moisture Stains
I have one of these in a coral-pink sort of shade, but I really would love to try more. The darkest shade looks gorgeous, and something I'll grab closer to winter. The red looks promising so I think I'll try that next. They aren't that much of a stain, but the finish and lasting power for that sort of finish is nice. 

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara 
I tried the grow luscious from Revlon when it hit shelves, and I found it to be a nice mascara. I would love to try other mascaras from them and the deep colour promised with this is something that appeals to me. I find revlon mascaras a bit to expensive for me from the drugstore, but when it does on offer I think I will try this mascara out. 


Friday, 22 August 2014

5 YouTube Beauty Favourites (New Discoveries and Old Favourites)

I'm a bit of a youtube addict, and have been for years. I love all the different communities you can find like daily vloggers, fashion people, booktube etc but the beauty community is what brought me to the tubes of you. I remember the first video I watched (it was an early xsparkage video about red lips I think) and I've been addicted ever since. I wanted to share some on my current favourites (they change all the time). 

Some are new loves and some are really old favourites of mine. They probably don't need to be mentioned or introduced because I'm sure you all know them but I wanted to share the love just in case you haven't heard of these beauties. 

Coffee Break With Dani 

Coffee Break With Dani is my newest beauty find. She is a vibrant, chatty lady with great informative videos. I love the mixture of videos she has, and love here tutorials. I also love that she doesn't always talk about the same thing as every other tom dick and harry. 
You can find her channel HERE

Miss Budget Beauty // Diary of a Spendaholic
I'm sure you all know Miss Budget Beauty. Khila has a lovely blog, and great channels on youtube. I love her beauty channels and her vlog channel. If you like budget products, check out the channel Miss Budget Beauty and if you love something a little more luxury or more fashion things then check out the Spendaholic channel. She posts regularly, and she's British which means most of the things she talks about are easy to get your hands on if you are from the UK like me. 

Bailey B or Making Up The Midwest

If you want a short, yet informative video then go to Bailey B's channel. I don't know how she managed to get some much information in one short (mostly under 5 minutes) video I will never know. Her top 5 in under 5 videos are my favourite, and I just wish it was easier for me to get a hold of the products she talks about. 

You can find here channel here

The Beauty Buzz Hub

If you want to watch someone that just loves makeup, and knows a fair ol' bit about it then you need to go and subscribe to Sarah at BeautyBuzzHub. I love her hauls, and weekly favourites. I also like that here name is Sarah, simply because that's my name too. I think she should have a ton more subscribes than she has, and I can't wait to see her channel grow. 
Check out her channel here

Loey Lane

Loey Lane is another of my most recent discoveries. I love the variety of videos that she had, I love her personality, and I adore her plus size fashion videos. She's a gorgeous lady, with a great mix of video topics so I think there should be something for everyone here! I would subscribe again and again if I could and you should head on over to here channel here too! 

If you have any suggestions on people I should check out or if you have a youtube channel, please link me in the comments so I can check it out! 

Thanks for reading, and have a gorgeous day, 
Friday, 15 August 2014

Witch Mattifying Moisturiser

I'm a a bit of a fickle fiend when it comes to moisturizers. I don't have sensitive skin, so I will try just about anything. I also don't find that too many have broken me out in the past. I do try to avoid anything with mineral oil and fragrance to high up in the ingredients.  I like products with some SPF, and if they have other beneficial ingredients then I'm all for it. 

I think it is also worth noting that I have mostly normal to dry skin, with a oily nose. 

So, I was given the chance to try out the Witch Skincare Mattifying Mosituriser I jumped at the chance. I figured that something that was meant to mattify and moisturise would be great for my combination skin type, and it also has a nice SPF of 15 which is great for this time of year (or any time of year to be honest). 

You get a nice 100ml of product for the low price of £4.99 RRP but you can usually find it on some kind of offer in Superdrug or Boots. The packaging is nice and simple, perfect for traveling or taking on the go because there is no glass or easily breakable plastic. 

The lotion is light, and probably best for people with combo/oily skin. It does work for me, but if I'm having a dry day it's not quite enough for me. It doesn't mattify to much, but it is light enough to use on my oily nose. It doesn't make it worse, but I wouldn't say it helps control the oil through the day. 

I can't say I saw anything other than a light moisturizing effect in terms of benefits, but sometimes it is nice to just have a basic product that does what it says on the tin. I have just one tip for you guys, don't put this anywhere near your eyes. I do have quite sensitive eyes, but I got this ever so slightly near my undereye and it took me about 10 minutes to get it to stop streaming. 

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone with combination or slightly oily skin. It is a nice basic product for a good price and it's easily accessible for people who want to try it out.  You can get it online here for £4.99 or instore where they sell Witch products 

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