Friday, 29 November 2013

Great Giveaways

Hey guys, 

I wanted to put a post to bring together a few giveaways that I think are worth entering. I will constantly be updating this post, so be sure to keep check back. 

Christmas Giveaway from Glossy Boutique enter HERE

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil and Advanced 24 Hour Balm

So, this has taken me far to long to post but if you saw my Life update #1
I have been majorly busy with work and uni and this blog, unfortunately, has had to take a bit of a back seat. 

 Anyways, today I have a review of two products from Skin Revivals. The first being their Organic Facial Cleansing Oil and the second being the Advanced 24 Hour Balm. 

The first thing that I noticed about The Organic Facial Cleansing Oil is that it is mineral oil free. The con's of mineral oils have been posted just about everywhere over the net and, let's face it, you really don't want to dress your skin in that stuff.  It's also free of other nasty things like preservative, colours and artificial fragrance. 

Because it's free of all the things you don't want to put on your skin it is jam packed with good, helpful oils like Avocado Oil for hydration, Rose Hip Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil for healing and Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil for cleansing purposes. 

The mixture of ingredients gives the oil a light scent but it's nothing offensive and I really like that it doesn't have the typical "natural skincare" scent. There might be a hint of a rose scent mixed in there but it's nice and if you don't like it, it doesn't linger after use.

Now, lets move on to the Advanced 24 Hour Balm. The balm isn't really a balm,  but is a great moisturizer for those with super dry skin. I think it would be a bit to intense for those with oily or combination skin. It is free from the nasties that are harmful or just not good for skin, most noticably colour, artificial fragrance and parabens. 

It does have a a rose scent that is described as light but it really is quite strong. It doesn't last or anything, so don't let it put you off.  I usually have an aversion to rose scents but this one doesn't freak my skin out as much as other products I've tried. 

I wouldn't say it gives 24 hours of hydration on the skin but I do like this for a nice day moisturizer. It helps soothe some of my dry skin, but doesn't effect the makeup on my face all that much.  
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 *This post contains PR Samples

Monday, 18 November 2013

ELF Mineral Eye Brightener in Buff


I'm not really sure why I picked this up. I don't have dark under-eyes. I rarely use concealer under them and I've never really felt the need to brighten my eyes up.

Regardless of those facts, I added this to an ELF order that I got when they had some kind of offer. It ended up being stupidly cheap so I didn't loose out much when it turned out to be disappointing.

To be honest, there was nothing brightening about it. It was okay, for setting foundation and concealer but if I wanted something to do that I would stick to my Collection Sheer Loose Powder. 

All this is is a translucent loose powder in a really small pot. It's not really worth the money because even though I did use it all up you can get a huge amount of product by getting a regular loose powder. 

I always try to find some upsides to products and with this one I found two. It's really cheap, even if you get it without any offer and it is mineral makeup that is free of preservatives and parabens. Despite these positive, this just isn't worth it for me. 

If you do want to give this a try you can get it here for just £3.50.
Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Candle Wishlist

  While I do adore the fruitier and summer scents that candle companies offer but I really don't use them in the summer time. 

Colder months for me = candles, more specifically Christmas scents. Something about the cinnamon infused scents and gorgeous red colours makes me want to buy ALL the candles EVER.  

So, with that in mind I was searching the Yankee Candle website and put together a little wishlist of things I've been lusting after since it's gotten a little chillier here in London.

Medium Jar Candle | Sparkling Cinnamon | £9.99
I cannot think of winter or Christmas without thinking of spicy, cinnamon scents so this candle is a must have for me. The nice red colour makes my room just a touch more festive, and the scent is just freakin gorgeous!   

Gingerbread Triple Tea Light Holder | £12.95
 I just couldn't not put this cute little thing in this wishlist. Is it not the cutest little candle holder ever? I think it's adorable and would a perfect addition to any Christmas dec's you might have. Obviously it wouldn't be the best for right now, but come December I might just have to invest in this little bad bay. 

Wax Tart | Red Apple Wreath | £0.94
If you have never tried a wax tart, from Yankee Candle or another brand, I urge you to go grab a tart and warmer right now. They really aren't that expensive, and the tarts last for ever. The scent pay off is just so much better than a regular candle, and it works out cheaper in the end as well. Red Apple Wreath is a great fruity scent that is perfect for someone who wants a Christmas scent without anything foody like spices or cookies. 
Tea Lights | Cherries In Snow | £5.06
Sometimes, burning a huge candle isn't practical. To get the burn evenly you have to burn them long enough to make sure it all melts and you don't get dips in the wax. With tea light you get that scent you get with bigger jar candles but they are cheap, and small so you don't have to burn them for a long time.  Cherries in the snow is a new scent to me so can't wait to get my hands on some of these to see if it makes my room smell great! 

Large Jar Candle | Black Cherry | £14.99 
Black Cherry is my all time favourite scent from Yankee Candle and why it might not be the most festive scent or anything that makes your think of warm, snuggly nights, I love my room to smell like this so  it's always something I invest in when it gets to "candle season".  
Sunday, 10 November 2013

Beauty Bargain: 30% off ELF and Free Shipping

If you are a fan of bargain makeup, like myself, you've probably heard of ELF or Eyes Lips Face. Everything they sell is super cheap, but now you can get them even cheaper. 

If you spend over £25 (without the discount applied) you can get a whopping 30% off your order and free shipping. 

All you need to do is add the code 30111395 if you are in the UK or the EU or 30111425 if you are in Italy. 

I'd recommend trying out the HD Powder, the Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks and their eyelid primer for bargain products that are actually GOOD! 
It finishes at 10:30am tomorrow, so go and have a look quickly! 

Head over to ELF here and have fun shopping.  

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Bourjois Bronzing Primer (Chanel Dupe?)

Everyone went just a tiny bit nuts when the Bourjois Bronzing Primer hit the stands in Boots and Superdrug. Seeing as Bourjois is owned by Chanel, I think everyone expected it to be the drugstore dupe for the Bronze Universial that is ever so hyped up in the blogging world. 

I haven't personally tried the Chanel cream bronzer (the price scares me too much)  but I have given the Bourjois Bronzing Primer a good try and wanted to bring you my thoughts on it. 

It's okay and that's probably the best thing I can say about it. It's not great or life changing but it's not terrible. I was told that it was the same formula and the Flower Perfection Primer (rave review here) but it's not. It has a much more mousse-y texture (like Dream Matte Mousse) and doesn't feel as silky smooth on the skin. 

It does mattify, and add a hint of colour when used as a primer but I really don't see any different in "bronzing" when I use this. The foundation or bb cream just coveres the little tint this gives you so the colour is sort of pointless if you want a primer. I'd tried the BB Bronzing Cream if you want something to give you a more bronzed look. 

I think this works great as a cream/mousse bronzer. I use it with a damp beauty blender dupe or RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and push it into the skin where I would bronzer or contour. It isn't as intense as a bronzer or contouring powder but it does give you a hit of colour and helps me look less like a ghost without any face shape.  It can be used with a brush or your finger but I find it gives you to much colour/product and it starts to look very orange and muddy. 

Overall, I wouldn't repurchase this because it is a bit to orange for my skin tone and it doesn't work that great as a primer. I think I'll stick to their chocolate bronzer (review here) for bronzing and the Flower Primer for a primer. 

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beauty Bargain: £60 for £12.99 from The Body Shop *Expired*

If you love The Body Shop or fancy stocking up on some bits for Christmas, go go go! You can get £60 worth of loot for only £12.99 including delivery.

If you add two Love Your Body cards to your cart, and then pick any two £25 giftsets you will pay £12.99  instead of £60. 

All you need to do is enter SPARKLE at the end when you check out! 

Shop HERE now! 

Personally, I'm grabbing the sets and splitting them up to make smaller gifts from Friends and Family. I might have to keep a couple of bits for myself as a cheeky treat though. 

Happy Shopping 
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Autumn/Winter Wishlist: Scarf Edition

There is only really one thing I really love about the days getting colder and that is the fact I dig out my scarfs and get nice and snuggly walking down the street! Is anyone else the same? I have an obsession with scarfs, and have been waiting for the time where it is cold enough to wear since I put them away for the summer!

Beautysets - aw13 scarf wishlist
Esprit Oversized Scarf from Asos 
 £29.00 | Purchase HERE

Can you ever, truly beat a good, 'ol snuggley scarf? I don't think so. This just looks like it would be so warm and cosy that I just want to live in it. It's on the more expensive side of things, but you pay for quality and there are more expensive scarfs out there! 

Black Santa Printed Scarf from New Look 
£7.99 | Purchase HERE

I know it's too soon to start wearing Christmas things but I would love to wear this closer to Christmas time. I'm not one for those  in-your-face Christmas jumpers, so this would be my homage to the trend without being to obnoxious. 

Lauren Butterfly Scarf from Boohoo 
 £5.00 | Purchase HERE

I always find that winter colours are dark and can get dull. I tend to stick to black things in the autumn/winter time, so a scarf with a nice hit of colour livens up an outfit. This is a super cute print, and could easily work in the spring as well. 

Nude Owl Scarf from Select 
 £8.00 £3.00 | Purchase HERE

I couldn't do a scarf wish list without adding in something that I adore for the cuteness factor. Last year I got myself a little hooded scarf with pockets and loved it. It's a bit old and ratty now and this Nude Owl Scarf would be a great replacement. It doesn't have a hood but the adorable owls and cheap price are enough for me.  

Red Check Printed Scarf from New Look 
 £7.99 | Purchase HERE 

Tartan is majorly on trend for this autumn/winter time but I'm just not brave enough to pull it off with clothing items like dresses or tops. A tartan or check print scarf is a great way to stay on trend a little, without being that brave. At only £7.99, it's a good buy and worth an investment. 
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Sunday, 3 November 2013

M&S Autograph Eyeshadow Palette: A Naked Palette Dupe?

Like my last review, I am a little late posting this one. It's been sitting in my drafts since July, and I am finally getting around to posting this bad boy. 

The M&S Autograph Eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous 12 shade collection of neutral shades that can be used to create a wide variety of looks. Mine comes encased in gorgeous gold and very reflective (excuse the lamp shade in the picture) packaging but it is currently on sale in even more gorgeous black packaging (here). 

The selection of neutral shades are automatically going to remind any beauty lover of the infamous Naked or Naked 2 palettes from Urban Decay but the M&S offering is considerably cheaper than those. I also think it is more compact and slightly more sturdy that the Naked1 palette packaging. The large mirror inside is great for on to go touch ups and makes it a great palette to travel with. The brush that came with it (which I lost pretty much as soon as I got this) was actually pretty decent  but I still prefer my RT and other brushes. 

All of the shades are gorgeously pigmented, with one slight exception. The shade Taupe, while still pigmented, is the weakest of the bunch with Chrome being the best.  I find all of the shades to be blendable and long lasting, though I would still put a primer underneath to give them an extra "oomph" on the eyes. 

The shades, in the images, marked with a "*" and my favourite off the bunch, and ones that I use nearly everyday. That isn't to say the others aren't great though, because they are. 

Sand is a gorgeous shimmery ivory colour. Peach is (strangely enough) a light, shimmery peach shade that is great all over the lid. Latte is a nice champagne/gold colour with a fine glitter running through it. Taupe is the first matte offering and is a grey, taupe colour. Brown Velvet is the second (and last) matte offering and is a very warm medium brown. Brown Suede is a slightly shimmery taupe, brown colour. 

Champagne Shimmer is a slightly chunky, shimmery light brown. Burnished Copper isn't really a copper shade but more like a shimmery warm brown with a hint of bronze. Cocoa is a slightly green based brown with shimmer. Gunmetal is a deep, shimmery grey toned brown shade. Carbon is the black of the bunch, and a silver shimmer running through it. Finally, Chrome is a brown/black with a heavy gold shimmer. 

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*This was a lovely gift from my wonderful auntie.