Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Wishlist: Scarf Edition

There is only really one thing I really love about the days getting colder and that is the fact I dig out my scarfs and get nice and snuggly walking down the street! Is anyone else the same? I have an obsession with scarfs, and have been waiting for the time where it is cold enough to wear since I put them away for the summer!

Beautysets - aw13 scarf wishlist
Esprit Oversized Scarf from Asos 
 £29.00 | Purchase HERE

Can you ever, truly beat a good, 'ol snuggley scarf? I don't think so. This just looks like it would be so warm and cosy that I just want to live in it. It's on the more expensive side of things, but you pay for quality and there are more expensive scarfs out there! 

Black Santa Printed Scarf from New Look 
£7.99 | Purchase HERE

I know it's too soon to start wearing Christmas things but I would love to wear this closer to Christmas time. I'm not one for those  in-your-face Christmas jumpers, so this would be my homage to the trend without being to obnoxious. 

Lauren Butterfly Scarf from Boohoo 
 £5.00 | Purchase HERE

I always find that winter colours are dark and can get dull. I tend to stick to black things in the autumn/winter time, so a scarf with a nice hit of colour livens up an outfit. This is a super cute print, and could easily work in the spring as well. 

Nude Owl Scarf from Select 
 £8.00 £3.00 | Purchase HERE

I couldn't do a scarf wish list without adding in something that I adore for the cuteness factor. Last year I got myself a little hooded scarf with pockets and loved it. It's a bit old and ratty now and this Nude Owl Scarf would be a great replacement. It doesn't have a hood but the adorable owls and cheap price are enough for me.  

Red Check Printed Scarf from New Look 
 £7.99 | Purchase HERE 

Tartan is majorly on trend for this autumn/winter time but I'm just not brave enough to pull it off with clothing items like dresses or tops. A tartan or check print scarf is a great way to stay on trend a little, without being that brave. At only £7.99, it's a good buy and worth an investment. 
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