Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Candle Wishlist

  While I do adore the fruitier and summer scents that candle companies offer but I really don't use them in the summer time. 

Colder months for me = candles, more specifically Christmas scents. Something about the cinnamon infused scents and gorgeous red colours makes me want to buy ALL the candles EVER.  

So, with that in mind I was searching the Yankee Candle website and put together a little wishlist of things I've been lusting after since it's gotten a little chillier here in London.

Medium Jar Candle | Sparkling Cinnamon | £9.99
I cannot think of winter or Christmas without thinking of spicy, cinnamon scents so this candle is a must have for me. The nice red colour makes my room just a touch more festive, and the scent is just freakin gorgeous!   

Gingerbread Triple Tea Light Holder | £12.95
 I just couldn't not put this cute little thing in this wishlist. Is it not the cutest little candle holder ever? I think it's adorable and would a perfect addition to any Christmas dec's you might have. Obviously it wouldn't be the best for right now, but come December I might just have to invest in this little bad bay. 

Wax Tart | Red Apple Wreath | £0.94
If you have never tried a wax tart, from Yankee Candle or another brand, I urge you to go grab a tart and warmer right now. They really aren't that expensive, and the tarts last for ever. The scent pay off is just so much better than a regular candle, and it works out cheaper in the end as well. Red Apple Wreath is a great fruity scent that is perfect for someone who wants a Christmas scent without anything foody like spices or cookies. 
Tea Lights | Cherries In Snow | £5.06
Sometimes, burning a huge candle isn't practical. To get the burn evenly you have to burn them long enough to make sure it all melts and you don't get dips in the wax. With tea light you get that scent you get with bigger jar candles but they are cheap, and small so you don't have to burn them for a long time.  Cherries in the snow is a new scent to me so can't wait to get my hands on some of these to see if it makes my room smell great! 

Large Jar Candle | Black Cherry | £14.99 
Black Cherry is my all time favourite scent from Yankee Candle and why it might not be the most festive scent or anything that makes your think of warm, snuggly nights, I love my room to smell like this so  it's always something I invest in when it gets to "candle season".  


  1. The gingerbread tea light holder is so cute! Reminds me i really need to get some more Yankee candles. X

  2. Waou!such a great wishlist!
    I d love to test them too...

  3. I have the large black cherry one and love it!

    Nyss x

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