Monday, 29 September 2014

L'Oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadow in 021 Sahara Treasure

WARNING: Prepare yourself for a post FULL of raving about this product. 

The L'Oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadow in Sahara Treasure in my favourite single eyeshadow from the drugstore. I would say ever but this comes second to Woodwinked from MAC because that shade is just so unique.

 It is a antiqued gold shimmer shade, and is perfect for the quick and easy one shadow look I like to rock on days when I'm just heading out to run errands or am off to uni. It blends perfectly, and when it is blended it looks like you've put something in crease as well as on the lid because of the multi dimensional tone in the shade. It looses some of the shimmer when blending so it almost appears as if you have something a little more matte running through the socket.

I have found that it doesn't crease on my without a primer, and I have found that it lasts all day without fading. You can use this wet or dry. Dry it looks stunning, but wet you get this amazing foiled effect that gives you an even more of a contrasting look between the lid and crease if you blend it to create a one shadow look. 

The shadow itself is almost a hybrid between a pigment and pressed shadow. It is a pigment, the texture and pigment of something like that, but it is pressed down by the stopped in the tub. And you do need to keep the stopper in or the shadow will crumble if you are a little to rough with it. 

The packaging is really nice. I think it feels more luxurious than it's price, and the quality of the shadow feels like you paid so much more for it. I have a few other shades, and wished they had more. I would buy more shades if they release them.   

So, overall I ADORE this shadow and it's very close to my all time favourite shadow EVER. I highly recommend getting this, or other shades of this range, because you won't regret it. 

They are £6.99 from every where that stocks L'Oreal  or here online but you can always find L'oreal on offer some where so it should work out cheaper for you too. 
Friday, 26 September 2014

ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshaodw in Confetti *Review and Swatch*

  I've heard people rave and rave about these the ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows, and I'm sure someone said they were a dupe for something from a brand like Armarni or maybe even Chanel but personally I'm not a huge fan. I did prefer the darker shade I picked up but both of the shades I got seemed a little to sheer, to patchy and just not what I expected. 

Confetti if a white shade full of white/silver shimmer. When the shadow is swatched it seems a little white but is mostly just shimmer but on the eye it is even more sheer and would be something I would only use as a 'top coat' for my shadow. For some people that might be great, but if I want a shimmery shadow I would just use a shimmery shadow and that extra stuff is just a step I don't need to add to an already long routine.

The packaging is nice but you can tell it's from a cheaper brand. The plastic lid screws onto the plastic base, but it doesn't feel like it's air tight. That isn't great because the mousse like product can dry out even quicker than normal. 

Like I said, I've heard people rave about these, but I just don't get on with them. So, I won't be picking up any more and these ones will probably be passed on to my mum to see if she can get any use out of them.

These are £3.75 here on if you want to try them or see the other shades they have. 

Hopefully the next review will be something a bit better, but I like to add some not so great reviews here on my blog so that people know what not to buy as well as what to try out. 

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day 
Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rimmel Lust List

rimmel lust list

rimmel lust list by trialandtest featuring lips makeup

Rimmel is one of my favourite high street brands. I think if offers great products and a great price and they offer something new quite often. Today, I have a lust list (wishlist) for you featuring some of my most wanted Rimmel products. Some, I have tried some I have not but I would love to add these items to my collection at some point in the near future.

Rimmel Matte BB Cream (link)
The matte beauty balm claims to offer a whole host of benefits and it's only £6.99. It claims to be 9 in 1 and help with the appearance of pores, uneven skin tone, shininess, oil control, smoothness and it claims to soothe the skin. I loved the original BB cream from Rimmel but I did find it a little to shiny. I would love to try the matte formula to see if it offers the same coverage etc without the immense shine. I have tested the product a little and think it seems quite promising so I think I'm going to grab 1 of the 4 shades soon.

Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish Lipstick (link)
The Kate Moss Lipsticks are probably my all time favourite lipsticks. The original forumla was creamy, pigmented and long lasting. When the matte versions hit the shelves people went potty over them but for some reason I have never picked one up. I have tested them, and adore the way they feel on the lips so I really need to add 1 or 2 to my collection. The 107 shade is probably the most popular and is a cult A/W shade for many, but I would love to try 101 too. They are £5.49 each. and instead of the all black packaging the original formula have, they are a nice bright red tub with a black "kate" signed on the side. Also, it is worth nothing that these are not totally matte, they give a more satin finish on the lips but are not drying or unflattering on the lips at all.

Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara (link)
The Lash Accelerator Endless mascara followed the original Lash Accelerator mascara from Rimmel and claims to help lengthen lashes and it is meant to have some conditioning properties that help lashes grow. The original is my favourite lengthening mascara, so I really want to try this because it has a wand that I usually love (plastic bristles) and it has fibers in the formula that will help lengthen the lashes even more than the original. It's not too expensive for a mascara either so next time I need a mascara I think I'll grab this one, or the next one I'm about to talk about. I don't like the packaging, because I hate that bright green tube but I won't worry about that too much, or maybe I'll got for the extreme black shade that has a nice all black tube.

Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara (link)
I'm a mascara junkie, if you didn't know. I love to try just about any that I can get my mitts on. In fact I could probably make a lust list post (per brand) of mascaras that I want to try. The Retro Glam mascara is one mascara from the Scandal eyes range. I really didn't like the first scandaleyes but I've heard so many good things about the other versions released that I just have to try them. The Retro Glam is probably the most well spoke of so I want to try that first but the Rockin Curves is the next after that. It's £6.99 I believe, so not expensive

Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner (link)
Does the search for the perfect liquid liner ever really end? No! is the answer before you even think about it. Even when you find something you love, something in the back of your head will tell you that you might be able to find something just that little bit better. That's why I want to try this Rimmel Exaggerate Liner. I have many liners that I love, and I'm huge fan of gel as well so I have even more to add to the list but I keep thinking that if I just try one more It'll be the perfect liner that will put an end to all other liners. I've heard great things about this being long wearing, really black and easy to apply which makes me want it even more. I think it's about £5.49 for a tube so I might wait for it to go on offer before picking it up (my current fave is just £1) but it will be in my collection sometime in the foreseeable future.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow in Light in Purple

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in Light in Purple, £4.99 link

The Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows are a huge hit over blogs worldwide. They are probably the best drugstore alternative for MAC paint pots and they have a  nice shade range as well.  I really wish some of the shades and collections that have been released in the states make in over to the UK at some point because while the shade range is nice here, it would be nice to have some more netural colours to work with.

Today, I bring you a quick review and pictures of the shade Light in Purple. Light in Purple is a multi-dimensional duo-chrome like colour, and in different lights and at different angles you can pick up lilacs, pinks and silver amoungst the dominant blue base.

The gel-cream forumla is consistant with the other shades in the range, but I find the pigmentation and amount of sparkle/shimmer in the colour to be similar to that of Eternal Gold. It can pack a punch when swatched or patted on to the lid, but after blending you are left with a sheerer colour that can go a little patchy. I don't mind that too much because I use this under other shadows but if you plan to wear this alone, it is worth keeping that in mind.

Overall, I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but this shade isn't my favourite.  I like the effect it can give but I love shades like Endless Black and On and On Bronze just that bit more because they are great used alone and blended out, on top of being bases, whereas this shade and shades like Eternal Gold can be patchy when worn alone. 

They are a bargain at only £4.99, and you can always find the on some sort of offer whether that be BOGO half off or 3 for 2. You can find the shade Light in Purple here if you fancy purchasing it. 

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely  day 


Friday, 5 September 2014

Maybelline Lust List | Elixers, Brow Drama and Lots of Lashes

I love shopping in the drugstore, and I love watching hauls on youtube. So, from my love of cheap makeup and my love of hauls, this little post was born. They are very much like Wish Lists but to mix it up a little I'm calling it a Lust List (ohh I know, so original :p). Enjoy the 5 things I've been lusting after from Maybelline. 

Great Lash Lots of Lashes 
I haven't tried the original great lash mascara but the wand of the Great Lash Lots of Lashes looks intriguing and is something I would love to try. This, unfortunately, isn't avalible in the UK, but I think I'll search ebay to see if I can find a new tube for a decent price and shipping fee. If you have tried this, please let me know if it worth trying to find.  
Price:$4.44 Link 

Master Hi-Light by Face Studio 
I don't often wear blush on a day to day to basis, but I do love a good highlight.  I wear it without fail everyday to bring light and some dimension to my face. The idea of these blush/highlight combos really intrigues me. I think they can add the highlight effect I love and add a little bit of colour to the cheeks that you naturally have as the colder months draw in. I hope these launch over in UK soon so I can give them a try. 
Price: $7.94 Link 

Brow Drama Brow Gel 
I've been getting into brows a lot lately. The more I play with them the more I realise how much they can make or break a look. I've been trying to find the perfect combo of products like a pencil and gel or powder and wax. I haven't quite found anything holy grail yet but I have heard some good things about this gel so I really want to give it a go. I think I might have to pick up the dark blonde shade next time I head into a Boots or Superdrug store and Maybelline is on offer. 
Price:£4.99 Link

Maybelline Colour Elixirs by Colour Sensational Lip Colours 
I have been seeing these colour gloss beauties on american beauty channels for ages, and now they have finally launched in the UK. They are on BOGO half off in Superdurg at the moment so I think I'm going to have a swatch of the colours and see which two would be best for me. From the 1 I've swatched so far they seem conditioning, glossy, pigmented and long lasting. Let me know if you have tried these, and what you think. Should I get two next time I'm in town? 
Price:£6.99 Link: Not Online Yet 

Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara 
I love a good mascara, and I'm a bit like a mascara floozy. I never really get the same one twice, so on my mascara trails I would love to try this. I like that you get two different wands, and can use them for different effects. I normally love maybelline mascaras so I think I'll like this, so next time I see it on offer I think I'll snap it up. 
Price:£8.99 Link