Friday, 26 September 2014

ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshaodw in Confetti *Review and Swatch*

  I've heard people rave and rave about these the ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows, and I'm sure someone said they were a dupe for something from a brand like Armarni or maybe even Chanel but personally I'm not a huge fan. I did prefer the darker shade I picked up but both of the shades I got seemed a little to sheer, to patchy and just not what I expected. 

Confetti if a white shade full of white/silver shimmer. When the shadow is swatched it seems a little white but is mostly just shimmer but on the eye it is even more sheer and would be something I would only use as a 'top coat' for my shadow. For some people that might be great, but if I want a shimmery shadow I would just use a shimmery shadow and that extra stuff is just a step I don't need to add to an already long routine.

The packaging is nice but you can tell it's from a cheaper brand. The plastic lid screws onto the plastic base, but it doesn't feel like it's air tight. That isn't great because the mousse like product can dry out even quicker than normal. 

Like I said, I've heard people rave about these, but I just don't get on with them. So, I won't be picking up any more and these ones will probably be passed on to my mum to see if she can get any use out of them.

These are £3.75 here on if you want to try them or see the other shades they have. 

Hopefully the next review will be something a bit better, but I like to add some not so great reviews here on my blog so that people know what not to buy as well as what to try out. 

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