Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Favourites | New and Old Shower Favourites

So, today I have a post all about my current shower favourites, whether they be new or old. I'm trying to finish up some products to create some space, and in doing that I've found some old products that I love.  

The first is the Superdrug Naturals Raspberry and Macadamia Nut Shampoo. This is quite old, and this  has been discontinued but it has been replaced with a new Superdrug Naturals range that does feature and Raspberry and Macadamia Nut Shampoo.  I just find this to be a great, bargain shampoo that leaves my hair feeling clean but not to dried out. It lathers nicely and smells gorgeous too which is a great bonus. You can find the replacement product here for just £1.99 but they are always on some kind of sale so you can get it cheaper. 

My next favourite at the moment is Superdrug Naturals Coconut and Sweet Almond Conditioner. This one isn't as amazing as the Intense Coconut and Sweet Almond conditioner that used to feature in this range, but it's a decent second. It is nice and thick, smells great and leaves my hair feeling nourished. It was super cheap, but has been discontinued. Like the shampoo, it does have a replacement  in the new Superdrug line but it's not the same conditioner. You can pick up the replacement here for £1.99. 

The next thing I've been using recently is the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk. I've tried this before and adored it, but didn't re-purcahse when the packaging change was made. I also believe there was something changed about the formula, but it was minor from what I can remember. Anyway, I got this from the Christmas gift set, and just started really using it. I find it great as a face cleanser, and love to use it as a mask for a good skin treatment. It's £8.00 from Boots and you can get it online here.

Up next we have something that I also got around Christmas time, and have only just started using. My Aunt got me a Sanctuary set, and I've been working my way through it. The Body Wash was a travel size that was in the kit, and I've been loving it. It lathers up nicely, and has some small, very gentle beads suspended in the gel. It doesn't really exfoliate the skin all that well, but it's a nice little addition. It smells great, like most sanctuary things,  and for something so small, it's lasting well. You can get the full size here, and it's only  £5.50 (cheaper than I first thought it would be). 

Finally, I have the Nivea In Shower Body Conditioner. It's something I've been using on and off since it came out and I always change my mind on it. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I just don't think it does anything. At the moment, I'm loving it. It doesn't replace the need for body lotion, but it does give my skin a little extra boost of hydration. It's not to expensive, and I think they have just come out with some more in the range with different scents and benefits. Also, they have an after sun in shower conditioner which I think would be great for the summer because being a ginger nut like I am means I burn at the mear sight of sun (sun tan lotion or not). You can pick up the Nivea In Shower Body Conditioner here for just £3.40 if you fancy giving it a try.

That's it for now guys! Let me know what your shower staples are at the moment? I sometimes think basics like this get overlooked, and it's nice just to know what people are using everyday and what they love. I hope you all have a gorgeous day, and I hope to see you soon.
Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Slimming World Adventure

Hi guys, 

Todays post is going to be a bit more of a ramble than normal. It's  not a review or makeup favourites, in fact it's not much to do with anything beauty related. 

As you can tell from the title, I've joined slimming world. I need to loose weight, and quite a bit. There is no getting around it, and while I've tried some diets and healthy eating but nothing has every worked for me long term. So, I've decided to give this a try. I've heard quite a few people say this is the only thing that helped them, and I know some people that have lost weight and kept it off with slimming world. 

So... I'm giving it ago. 

That was really all I wanted to day for this post, but I wanted to ask a few questions before I go. I know my blog is all about makeup and beauty, but would you like to see some slimming world stuff on here? I was thinking of doing updates, and recipes? Do you want me to do that? Would you be interested at all? 

Thanks for reading guys, and I can't wait to hear your opinions. 
Monday, 26 May 2014

Rimmel Favourites | Top 10

Rimmel is one of my favourite drugstore brands. It really hits the nail on the head in so many sections like foundation, eyes and lips. It  is also really affordable, and almost always on offer in Boots or Superdrug. So, with that in mind today I have my top 10 Rimmel favourites.  

Rimmel Favourites
  1. ScandalEyes Shadow Paint | £4.99 | Buy Here
    The shadow paints are gorgeous cream/liquid eyeshadows that  don't need to  be set with another powder eyeshadow to last  all day crease free. They go on like a liquid mousse, blend really easily and stay in place after they have set. They don't crease on me, and they work well alone or as a base. I like the applicator, and its better than shoving a bacteria infested finger into a pot all the time. They are only £4.99 a go, and I would highly recommend the bronze and taupe brown shade they offer. The other colour offerings could be better, so I hope they release more in the future.
  2. Wake Me Up Foundation | £8.99 | Buy Here
    I'm not sure I need to say much about this foundation. It's loved by many, and with good reason. It is afforable, good coverage, buildable, non drying and it just appears to perfect the skin. I find  it lasts well sans primer and powder but with a touch of powder it will be good for those who have oiler skin or want to knock out some of the glow. The shades do run a little dark, but the recent addition of Light Porcelain to the range really makes it great for my pale pals out there. The shade range would be better  if it did cater to darker skintones though, but that is problem with almost any brand not just Rimmel.
  3. Eyebrow Pencil | £2.99 | Buy HereI find the Rimmel eyebrow pencils to have  the perfect texture. They aren't to waxy,or try dry. You don't have to add to much pressure to get pigment on your brows and they last all day long. They help control the odd unruly brow hair I have, and they work well on the skin in bald areas and on the brow hairs. I  also find that they don't pull to red either which is great beacuse  red toned brows aren't always the most flattering. I do have one wish and that is they would introduce  a colour between hazel and dark brown. Hazel is just a touch to light for me and the dark drown is too dark, I can just a light hand with dark brown or a combo of the two but just a brunette shade in the middle would be great.
  4. Wake Me Up Concealer | £5.99 | Buy HereI love this concealer because I find that it works great under the eyes to  cover dark circles and to brighten the eyes but I think it also looks great on blemishes and redness to cover and conceal. I find that it lasts really well all day and if you dust a little powder under they eyes to set it, it  doesn't crease in a normal days wear. It is really inexpensive, the applicator is nice and like most other concealers but I do wish they had a larger shade range. I think there are only 4 shades at the moment, and I can just about get away with the lightest one.
  5. ScandalEyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliners | £3.99 | Buy Here
    These liners are amazing. At just £3.99 a pencil, they are everything I want from a liner. They are smooth, creamy and glide onto the eye whether you wear them on you lash line or water line. They last ages and are incredibly pigmented. The nude and taupe colour are quite unique for the drugstore, at least here in the UK and the other colours they offer are great basics that anyone can use.
  6. BB Cream | £6.99 | Buy HereThe Rimmel BB cream is one of my favourite western BB Creams at the moment. It ties with the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream for my favourite.  I don't know if it does all the 9 things it claims, but it does offer a nice coverage for a bb cream and it does leave the skin feeling nice and moisturised. I've also used this as a tinted primer under other foundations and it worked well as that too. I love the addition of very light into the shade range, and I really want to try the Matte BB cream ASAP.
  7. Lasting Finish Matte Kate Moss Lipsticks | £5.49 | Buy HereThe Kate Moss Lipsticks from Rimmel are amazing, but I find the Matte range just that little bit more impressive. They aren't totally matte, and they don't make your lips feel drier than the Sahara desert. They leave a nice satin finish to lips, and they stay on for ages. The deeper and bolder shades last longer than the more nude, subtle shades, but overall they have a good lasting powder. They are inexpensive, the packaging is cute and they have a nice scent too. 107 is a great vampy shade, and 111 (Kiss of Life) is something I'm looking forward to trying this spring/summer.
  8. Colour Rush Balms | £5.99 | Buy HereThe colour rush balms are Rimmel's answer to the chubby stick craze. They are  smooth balm like chubby sticks that give the lips and nice sheer wash of colour on the lips while giving them a nice hit of moisture. The colours are nice, and for balm tints they last pretty well on the lips. The Nude shade is my favourite, but the others are really nice too.
  9. Moisture Renew Lipstick | £6.49 | Buy HereThe Moisture renew lipsticks are another lip product that Rimmel do well. I loved their old forumla, and I love the new formula too. They have a nice colour range, somewhat unique packaging and they glide on to the lips. They aren't as long lasting on the lips as the Kate Moss Lipsticks, but they last longer and are more pigmented than the Colour Rush balms. They shade range is excellent, and the names are really cute. In love with Ginger is a great orange shade for ka-pow lips.
  10. Stay Glossy Lip Glosses | £6.99 | Buy HereThese glosses are my most recent Rimmel discovery, and I'm in love. The stay glossy glossy are about £6.99 and are worth every penny. They are not sticky at all, really smooth on the lips and  have a nice shine to them. They have nice colours, a nice scent and last really well for non-sticky glosses. I love the light pink shades they offer, I can't  remember the name, and also love the Pop of Orange shade from the 3D Stay Glossy range.

    Those are my top 10 Rimmel products, what do you love from the brand? Let me know in the comments, and I hope to see you soon! 

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Collection Deluxe Lipstick in Prohibition

Collection are a brand I don't think about when it comes to lips. I have tried a couple of things from the lip range and they've been okay but nothing amazing but when I got the chance to try out this gorgeous red from their newer range, I thought I would give it a chance. 

The Deluxe Lipsticks claim to be creamy lipsticks with a velvet texture. The five colours in the line are retro inspired, and supposedly easy to apply. The formula is jam packed with good things like lip conditioners, antioxidants and things like shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E.

So, lets address the claims. 

Yes. The lipsticks are creamy, maybe to much. The are creamy to apply, BUT they might be a little too creamy. They do slide around a little, meaning a good liner is needed to ensure the lipstick doesn't end up sliding off of your lips. 

No. The texture isn't velvety BUT I do like the texture. I know some people like red lips to be matte but I love a bit of shine and this gives you that. With a good liner to stop the feathering, I really like the finish and texture. 

No. The colours are not easy to apply, you do NEED a liner. The depth of the colours are lovely, they are nice and bold, especially this one, but they are not easy to apply. They glide on but you have to be so careful upon application because they are really creamy and so bold that any mistake show up like nothing else.

Yes. There are some good ingredients, BUT you can't really tell if they do anything. The lipstick doesn't dry out your lips, which I suppose gives some credits  to the ingredients but it's not like I'm going to drop a lip balm because of the good ingredients. 

Now, lets move onto the colour because this is where this lipstick WINS for me, While it might not be the most spring/summer colour, I'm going to be rocking this anyway. It's a gorgeous deep red called Prohibition. The vampy shade is a touch darker than the usual red I go for, but I think it looks so flattering on the lips. I love wearing this with pale skin and simple eyes to really emphasis the depth and colour of the lipstick.

Finally, the packaging. It's nice. It's better than the other Collection offerings, and looks gorgeous. The end is great because you can see the colour without having to take the cap off. I like the font on the tube, and the gunmetal/grey/silver cap It doesn't feel as nice as some other lipsticks but I wouldn't expect anything more for something at the bargain price of £3.99. 
Monday, 19 May 2014

Top "waterliner" Pencils | Nyx, Maybelline and More

I think lining your waterline finishes a look. It really brings my eye makeup together and can help create a more complete look. I used to stick with just black but after some experimentation I've found that adding some colour there can really make a neutral look just a little more interesting.

So, with that in mind I wanted to bring you a post on my top waterliner pencils. I have 5 favourites at the moment and they are all mostly affordable. I tend not to spend to much money on high end liners because the drugstore ones are so darn good. Anyway, lets get on with talking about the liners. 
Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Denim Diva, Soap and Glory Smolder Kohl in Grapevine, Nyx Slide On pencil in Golden Olive, Lancome LeCrayon Kohl Eyeliner in Noir , Maybelline Master Drama in Ultra Black.
Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Denim Diva, £3.19, link
I love these pencils from collection. They are thicker than your average liner because they are meant to be eyeshadow pencils. That being said, I love to use these on my waterline because they do NOT move! The blue is enough of a pop for me on the eyes and I love how easy these pencils go on and how well they stay in place. 

Soap and Glory Smolder Kohl in Grapevine, £5.00, link
I snapped this pencil up in a Christmas gift set. In the boxing day day sale it was only £9.50 for 5 soap and glory liners. This is my favourite of the bunch, but all of them are lovely smooth, pigmented liners. Unfortunately, it seems this colour was only available in the set but the black and brown are only £5 and are just as great.  

Nyx Slide On Waterproof Pencil in Golden Olive, £7.50, link I picked this up on sale sometime after hearing the beauty guru community of youtube raved about these pencils. The Nyx Slide On pencils are like gel liner in a pencil forms. They glide on the waterline and stay for a pretty decent amount of time.  I love the olive colour of this pencil because it's different from the usual black or brown but isn't to bright of a colour to make in unwearable.

Lancome LeCrayon Khol Eye Liner in Noir, £18.50, link
I love this liner for everyday use because it's not crazy black. It had a more traditional pencil texture but doesn't pull at the skin or hurt when you apply. It's not as creamy as the other liners here but it is soft enough to use in the waterline. It looks great used on the waterline and slightly under the eye for a smokey look, and lasts a decent amount of time. 

Maybelline Master Drama Cream Eyeliner Pencil in Ultra Black, £4.49, link
This cream eyeliner is one of the best I've found. It is creamy, but doesn't melt to much. It can be smudged a little but it sets in place when you need it to not budge. It is really black as well which is another total win for the Master Drama liner.