Monday, 19 May 2014

Top "waterliner" Pencils | Nyx, Maybelline and More

I think lining your waterline finishes a look. It really brings my eye makeup together and can help create a more complete look. I used to stick with just black but after some experimentation I've found that adding some colour there can really make a neutral look just a little more interesting.

So, with that in mind I wanted to bring you a post on my top waterliner pencils. I have 5 favourites at the moment and they are all mostly affordable. I tend not to spend to much money on high end liners because the drugstore ones are so darn good. Anyway, lets get on with talking about the liners. 
Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Denim Diva, Soap and Glory Smolder Kohl in Grapevine, Nyx Slide On pencil in Golden Olive, Lancome LeCrayon Kohl Eyeliner in Noir , Maybelline Master Drama in Ultra Black.
Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Denim Diva, £3.19, link
I love these pencils from collection. They are thicker than your average liner because they are meant to be eyeshadow pencils. That being said, I love to use these on my waterline because they do NOT move! The blue is enough of a pop for me on the eyes and I love how easy these pencils go on and how well they stay in place. 

Soap and Glory Smolder Kohl in Grapevine, £5.00, link
I snapped this pencil up in a Christmas gift set. In the boxing day day sale it was only £9.50 for 5 soap and glory liners. This is my favourite of the bunch, but all of them are lovely smooth, pigmented liners. Unfortunately, it seems this colour was only available in the set but the black and brown are only £5 and are just as great.  

Nyx Slide On Waterproof Pencil in Golden Olive, £7.50, link I picked this up on sale sometime after hearing the beauty guru community of youtube raved about these pencils. The Nyx Slide On pencils are like gel liner in a pencil forms. They glide on the waterline and stay for a pretty decent amount of time.  I love the olive colour of this pencil because it's different from the usual black or brown but isn't to bright of a colour to make in unwearable.

Lancome LeCrayon Khol Eye Liner in Noir, £18.50, link
I love this liner for everyday use because it's not crazy black. It had a more traditional pencil texture but doesn't pull at the skin or hurt when you apply. It's not as creamy as the other liners here but it is soft enough to use in the waterline. It looks great used on the waterline and slightly under the eye for a smokey look, and lasts a decent amount of time. 

Maybelline Master Drama Cream Eyeliner Pencil in Ultra Black, £4.49, link
This cream eyeliner is one of the best I've found. It is creamy, but doesn't melt to much. It can be smudged a little but it sets in place when you need it to not budge. It is really black as well which is another total win for the Master Drama liner.



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