Monday, 23 June 2014

Little Mix by Collection | Perrie's Trio Palette

Collection (previously Collection 2000 are a brand that is hit and miss for me. I adore some of their products but some just fall short for me. Unfortunately, The Little Mix By Collection Perrie Trio is one that doesn't hit the mark. Personally, I can't comment on how well these colours represent Perrie from Little Mix. They aren't a band I follow, or pay any attention too.

The palette contains 3 shadows and one of those little foam applicators that no one really uses. It comes in a nice compact plastic case with a clear lid to allow easy viewing of the colours. It has a nice secure closure, so it won't be popping open in a makeup bag. There isn't a mirror, which can be handy, but I don't really carry eyeshadows palette around with me for touch ups so I don't really need the mirror. 

The three shades are seemingly perfect for creating a smokey eye. The gold shade is intended to be a highlight, with the grey meant for all over the lid and the sparkly black meant for the crease and outer corner.  Personally, the gold is not the sort of highlight I can pull off, I perfer white or cream shades. The grey is an okay colour all over the lid, but the black is to similar in colour to create any depth and darkness on the out part of the eye. None of the shades are particularly pigmented, with the black probably being the most disappointing. It comes off as the same colour as the grey middle shade,  and without any kind of evidence that there is sparkle like you see in the pan. The gold isn't really that opaque of a colour either, but I can make that work for me more than I can the other too. They grey shade is probably the most impressive, but it does take some working with. You can build it up, but it is fall out central on your face.

 I like the lasting power of the shadows. Without a base they did crease but it was after about 6 hours, which I think is great. With a base like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo, it lasted all day with only slight fading and no creasing.  

I personally wouldn't purchase this for myself but if you fancy picking it up it is available here for only £3.19

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