Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Khloe Kardashian Beauty Must Haves | Nars, Lancome and Cetephil

Say what you want about the Kardashians, but you have to admit that they all look pretty darn stunning all the time. Their makeup is somewhat of an inspiration for me, with Khole's being top of that list.  So, today I have a quick post just discussing some of the beauty products Khloe Kardashain uses to create her almost always flawless makeup looks. 

So, to kick it off lets start with skincare. Apparently, Khole uses the Pro-Active system with La Mer moisturizer and the Cetaphil gentle cleanser being added into the routine. The La Mer cream is crazy expensive, and something I cannot foresee myself trying. I do want to try Cetaphil products because I can have sensitive skin. Pro Active isn't for me because I don't have acne or breakouts that need treating with such a harsh regime. 

Now for lashes. Enormous Lash is a growth serum she uses for healthy, long and stong lashes and to get an even more dark and dramatic look she uses the Lancome Hypnose Mascara. 

Lips are a big deal for the Kardashian sisters. They tend to go for the more nude look, and like sister Kim, Khloe is also a fan of the ever famous Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss. The summer time brings about more true nude shades for Khloe, but she also does enjoy pink and peach shades.

Finally, lets talk bronzer. Kourtney Kardashian uses the Nars bronzer in Casino, but Khloe apparently goes for the lighter (and more famous) Nars Laguna bronzer which is an all time favourite of mine. It looks matte, without being flat. It isn't too cool toned or to orange and it blends beautifully over the skin. I would highly recommend trying it, even if you are as pale as paper. I can use it and I resemble the colour of Casper The Friendly Ghost most of the time. 

I hope you liked this post. I have some similar for Kim (Link HERE) and Kourtney (Link HERE) if you are interested. I also did something like this for the stunning Cheryl Cole (Link HERE) if you want to give that a read. 

Thanks for reading, and come back soon for more posts.



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