Friday, 20 June 2014

Kiko Full Protection Foundation Stick Rant Review

I really just have one thing to day about this foundation stick, and it's 'Just No!'. It is a bit of a hot mess and if you want to know why you should run away from this product as fast a Usain Bolt then please read on. 

The Kiko Full Protection Foundation stick is a stick of foundation that surrounds a moisturizing core. It has a SPF of 15, and is packaged in a matte black plastic casing that twists up when you need more product. 

I have shade 1, the lightest available and it is so dark. I cannot make the shade work for me at all, even with much blending down the neck. It is yellow toned, but because it's so dark it just looks so orange. If you want to audition for a role as an extra in TOWIE then grab this because you will look like you have been tangoed. 

The formula is an oily mess! It is so greasy that if you got hot enough you could deep fry chips on your face. I have really dry skin, and I couldn't handle this for even an hour. I can't comment on lasting power because I refused to keep this on my face, even with powder piled on. 

The packaging was nice, but with the product being so dodgy I couldn't care less about the packaging. 

It was affordable, but if you have a few pounds to spend on a foundation try something from MUA (like the Undress Me Skin) or Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid. They might not be stick foundation but they work better, and if you want the convenience of a stick then try a stick concealer for touch ups on the go.

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  1. I've never really used a stick foundation - to be honest they've never really appealed to me! I can't believe how orange this shade is considering it should be the lightest in the range. Such a shame because the moisturising core if a great idea but not if it's going to turn your skin into a grease monster! Thanks for the review - I'll avoid!

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