Thursday, 5 September 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Foundation for Dull Skin

I was so excited when this hit stores because I had been told that the formulation for dull skin had a similar feel to the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense on the skin. They have been out for quite some time now, and seeing as it has taken this long for me to review it you can probably guess that it really didn't impress me that much and it is nothing like my holy grail Clinique mosituriser.

I want to start by saying that I have tried the other versions of the Moisture Match and they are so much better than this one, so the bad review that is going to be just on the version for "dull skin" . I grabbed the Dull Skin version of the Garnier Moisture Match lotion because I have dull skin and I usually adore gel formulas.

It claims to give the skin a more luminous finish, boost radiance and fast absorbing. For me it did give the skin a dewy finish but most moisturizer I use do. I suppose it did sink in pretty quick but it left my skin feeling sticky and tight. I didn't see a difference in skin radiance, and I have used up the whole tube now. 

I didn't really moisturize my skin either. I saw no difference in any dryness, and it left my skin feeling like I'd put makeup on and forgot the mosituriser. I would honestly choose either the version for dry or normal skin if you find you have dull skin because they give you a boost of nourishment and moisture that helps perk the skin up. 

You can check out the whole range here, or pick them up from store for £5.99 a tube. 
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