Wednesday, 4 September 2013

#30in30 Lips Edition: MUA Lipstick in Shade 1

Shade 1 from MUA is possibly my favourite of the collection, and it's the deep red shade that MUA offer. The red is comparable to Topshop Hazard, and free of any shimmer or glitter.  The creamy formula ensure the lipstick goes on smoothly, but you do need to be careful when applying this because it can get messy. That is true for most reds though,  so it says nothing bad about these MUA lipsticks.  It's nicely pigmented, long lasting and not to drying on the lips.

I've found these to last about 4 hours on the lips before you see any significant fading and need to touch up. Eating and drinking do take off some of the colour, but because of the intensity of the red it does leave some staining on the lips so you can still see the colour.  With a lip liner, they last all damn day! 

The packaging isn't the greatest ever, but it's also better than some. The tube is really simple with black casing and silver writing. the writing does rub of pretty quickly if you use these a lot or carry them around so they can look a little grubby.  

You can pick these up in Superdrug stores, or online here for just £1 a pop and they have a colour for everyone.  

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PS: Pictures to follow soon! My camera is FAILING at the moment


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