Monday, 2 September 2013

MUA £1 Mascara | Blue, Pink and Black Lashes

The £1 range from MUA has been mostly a hit for me. I adore the blushes (review here) and the eyeshadows are comparable to those offered by high end brands. I picked up a few of there £1 mascaras after seeing that they contained fibers within the liquid, which is something you usually pay quite a bit of cash for. 

They have a nice range of colours which is great for the current coloured mascara trend. Maybelline have just brought out some coloured mascara, but if you want to test the idea of blue lashes before paying out over £6 for a mascara you could pick up some of these. 

I have the pink, blue, teal and waterproof black from the range but I know they do have a brown, regular black and clear mascara for those not so into the coloured lashes. 

The formulation of these mascara isn't groundbreaking, but for the price they are pretty decent. You aren't going to get huge volume but if you need length I would try these. They fibers stick to lashes pretty well, but some do tend to fall by the end of the day.

The colour takes some time to build up when you use the coloured formulas. The black is the easiest to apply. It goes on very naturally at first but after another layer it really lengthens and darkens lashes.

The coloured mascara really lengthen lashes too but it takes three or four layers to get a decent colour pay off. 

Overall, I would recommend giving these mascaras a try if you fancy trying a trend before paying out more pennies or if you like lengthening mascaras.

You can pick them up here now for just £1 a tube or in most superdrug stores. 

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  1. oooh ive never tried a coloured mascara before, sounds interesting! I might give one of these a go, not much to lose considering they only cost £1
    i love how theyre not plastic bristle brushes too :)xx

  2. I've never ever tried a coloured marcara before, but I reckon I would like to try the blue one out! great review :) xx


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