Monday, 9 September 2013

ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light

The ELF Eyebrow Kit is a palette containing a duo of a tinted wax and defining powder. It comes in 4 shades ranging from ash up to dark brown. I choose the shade light, because really ashy tones don't look so great with my red hair. 

The tinted wax is great for taming my brows. It gives them a hint of colour but mostly it helps hold and unruly brow hairs in place. It also help me lay out a foundation for where I am going to apply the powder. 

I use the wax first and follow it up with the powder. The wax not only tames the brows like I said above but gives the powder a base so it shows up a bit more pigmented that when it's used alone. Using that combination is great if the shade is a bit to light for you or if you want a bolder brow. You could use the wax or the powder alone for a more subtle, natural look, but bold brows are a favourite of mine at the moment so I combine the two. 

I also found that using the wax first and then the powder on top gave the brows a more natural look. If I used the wax over the powder but it caked up slightly and made my eyebrow appear patchy and very obviously drawn on. It wasn't a good look. 

I picked this up when it was half off, but it retails for £3.75 normally so it's not going to break the bank if you don't pick it up on sale. It comes in decent packaging, with a brush that I still use to apply the product and it has a tiny mirror that you could use if you needed to. 

The compact shape and size is very similar to that of NARS eyeshadow, but it is very plastic-y in comparison to NARS and the clear window showing the product is different from NARS too. 

I would recommend picking this up if you fill in your brows. The product is great quality, extremely cheap and they have a shade that (I think) would suit just about everyone. It's a very similar concept to the Benefit Browzings or the Sleek Brow Kit but it's so much cheaper. 

You can pick this up here for just £3.75 here, but ELF always have some kind of sale so check out there Facebook or Twitter pages for coupon codes to save some dosh! 

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  1. Love this! I've always questioned the quality of elf products because they're so cheap but this looks really good! :)

    1. ELF does normally have great quality! It can be a bit hit and miss but mostly it's great!


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