Wednesday, 18 September 2013

B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer Cream Eyeshadow in Bittersweet

I've had some major issues with my eyeshadows creasing recently. I've never really had an issue with creasing so I don't own many eyelid primers or bases like MAC paint pots. Since the issue with creasing, I've invested in a few too many bases and primers. 

The B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer Cream Eyeshadow in Bittersweet  is just one of the bases I've brought to try and tackle the problem. It claims to be a luxurious cream shadow, giving an intense metallic finish. B. suggests using the cream eyeshadow as a eyeshadow, a base for powder shadows or as a eyeliner. 

I can see me ever using this as a liner because it just isn't pigmented enough for that but I've tried this alone and as a base and I loved it. It didn't crease on me at all when set with a powder, but unfortunately when worn alone it crease like nothing else. 

The colour is a gorgeous bronze/brown colour is a beautiful warm toned shade with a nice amount of shimmer. Unlike some other shades (Golden Sand) the shimmer is just that, shimmer. There is no chunky glitter, meaning the consistency remains creamy when blended over the lid. 

The shade reminds me a lot of the Illamasqua Liquid Metal Cream pigment/shadow in Enrapture. It's not quite as intense as the more expensive counterpart but with a little bit of building up you can get a similar finish.

At just £6.99 a pop, I think it's a great deal. You can usually find them on some kind of offer too, so it can work out cheaper. The brand is also totally cruelty  free, so no nasty animal testing happening here! 



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