Saturday, 7 September 2013

Haul: Stocking Up On Essentials

So, today I have a haul. I'm telling myself that I'm stocking up on stuff that I NEED but I'm not entirely sure that I do NEED most of this stuff. 

Superdrug has buy one get one half price on all it's own brand things at the moment so I grabbed a few things from there own brand items. I needed some more cotton wool so snapped up two of My Little Star Large Cotton Wool Pads. Each pack contains 50 pads, and unlike those little round pads that I used to buy, you only need one of these pads for your whole face if you are using cleansing water or toner.  They were £1.49 a pack, but because of the offer they were about £2.20 for the two. 

I grabbed two packs of the My Little Star Baby Wipes. I use these for a multitude of things from cleaning of some swatches, cleaning up and spills or wiping down some makeup that is covered in crap. I think they were 80p each, but BOGO 1/2 off so I'm stocked up with those for a while.  

I grabbed some face wipes, again in the BOGO offer. I know it's a huge makeup/skincare sin to use these but after a night out and a few to many drinks these are better than nothing at all. I also use these to spot clean brushes if I need to use a different colour or if I'm covered in swatches  after photographing some blogging bits. They were only 99p each, and they are 15% goes to charity. 

 I'm a total dude when it comes to shower gel. I prefer the scents of Lynx than something super girly so I grabbed one why they were only 99p. I deiced to try the Sport Blast version over my beloved Africa scent. I thought I would give it a go and see if it beats Africa. 

I picked up three baby lips when they were on three for two in Superdrug. I ordered online, so that offer is over but they are 2 for £5 at the moment in there if you want to grab some of the over-hyped balms. Two of these are actually very early purchases for Christmas presents, but the other is for me to give a go. I think I'm going to keep the intense care (yellow) for me, and give my step sisters the Mint and Hydrate

My bargain of this haul is the Garner Youthful Radiance Cleansing Gel (discontinued). It was only 55p in Superdurg. I'm sure these flew off the shelves but take a look in your local store to see if you can snap them up. I've used this before and found it great for  basic face wash, so the 55p is a great price.  

In Savers, I finally found some Pure goodies. I've really wanted to try the Micellar Water since I learnt about it and my store never had it. They now have it, so I grabbed it and snapped up a toner from the same brand. The toner was only 79p and while it might not cure all skin issues, I'm going to put it in a spray bottle and use it as a makeup refresher. I tend to go OTT with powder in the Autumn and Winter, so a refreshing spray is what I need to rid me of Cake Face. I think the micellar water was only £2.99 as well, so total bargain! 

 I have one ebay item here, and it was my bargain 99p lipstick. It doesn't have shade or anything like that but it a the bright fuchsia pink shade from the German brand Fraulein. I haven't given this a try yet, but from the swatch it seems like a nice basic lippy. 

The last two things I picked up where two sets of earrings from True Spirit, the brand of jewelry they sell in Superdrug. They were half price at only £2 each I think. They are nice drop down style earnings in triangular shapes. One pair has an Aztec pattern in black and gold and the other is just gold. They aren't bad qulality for the price and they look great when I wear them with my hair down.

So, I probably only needed the cotton wool here, but hey it will all get used so I'm going to stick with the story that I need to pick up these bits. 

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