Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Favourites: HD Brows, Blood Brothers and Shane Dawson

So, it's August! How the hell did that happen? I swear it seems like it was New Years like 3 hours ago. I can't be dealing with time moving this fast! Anyway, now I've done the obligatory intro that everyone does, I'm going to get on with my July favourites. 

Makeup and Hair

HD Brows Blusher (2) and Bronzer (2) 

I've recently reviewed these, and since posting the reviews it's brought them to my attention again. I've been loving the blusher for adding a healthy and glowy flush to the skin, and the bronzer is great for contouring the face lightly and adding warmth to the skin tone. They both work for my pale skin, which is great and they last all day on my skin. 

blusher review here 
bronzer review here

Le Kair Natural Carrot Oil Cholesterol Creme

 I featured this in a haul post quite some time a go and also have a review up which you can read here. I brought this from a site that focused on Afro-Caribbean hair products, and fell in love. I've recently rediscovered this after trying out some other conditioners and realized how much I love it. I've used this as a hair mask and a leave in conditioner and it works well as both. It helps tame frizz, nourish hair and it doesn't smell awful either. It's also ridiculously cheap. 

haul here
review here

Maybelline BB Cream in Light 

I think it's law that in summer, you must ditch foundation and head to the BB cream (or even CC creams now). Following the crowd, as I normally do, I ditched my believed Estee Lauder foundation that I normally wear every day and tried getting used to a bb cream. I've been loving this because the finish is great for my dry skin, and I've been using this when I'm not at work. I can't quite leave my Double Wear behind for work because I need to something to cover and last.

B. Eyeshadow Palette in Glisten 

I've been loving subtle neutral eyes recently. I used to love super dark and intense eyes but for the summer I've been trying to ditch the black (it's really hard) and go with nice summery colours. These shadows are great for creating a nice eyeshadow look that you can see on the eyes but it's as harsh as some of my winter looks can be. The rusty brown colour is my favourite, but all of them together create a great look. 


image source

I've recently got right back into watching YouTube videos. I have gotten a better internet connection at home, and without uni I have spare time (too much!). I've been subscribed to Shane Dawson for ages, but I've never watched one of his videos.  I've started watching them, as despite the slightly offensive humour I find him hilarious. I prefer his vlog videos but he's a funny duck in just about all of them, vlog or main.


image source

I've recently discovered TwentyForSeven on YouTube. I don't know how I haven't been subscribed to them for ages but I'm not officially addicted to their music.  I found them after watching their very popular cover of Bruno Mars' When I Was Your Man but my all time favourite from them has to be the cover of Bad by The Cab or the 2012 Mash Up Song

I've always rediscovered my absolute love for the Foo Fighters. Wasting Light has got to be one of my favourite albums EVER. 


image source

This month I've read (or at least started reading) two books! One I read in about 2 days at the end of the month. Blood Brothers is a very popular musical (I'm planning on writing up a post for my very new Book Blog) and was written by Willy Russell. I finally got a hold of a copy of this in book form and read it in two days. It's just as amazing in book form as it is on stage, and I highly suggest going to see it or reading it. 

I've also been loving the latest addition to the Bloodlines series, which is a spin off of the Vampire Academy series. The Bloodlines series focuses more on Alchemists than vampires, but it just as great as the original series. I'm on the third book and am loving it. It might be worth checking out if you like YA reads.  

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    1. It really is amazing! Going to see it for the fourth time in October!

  2. The Maybelline BB cream is my go to make up base at the moment. I'd forgot how much I loved it.


    1. It really is brilliant! I love it, and I don't think people talk about it enough :)


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