Saturday, 17 August 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Peach Glow

I think people living under a rock, on a desert island, are the only ones to have not heard about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder seems to be used by everyone, their mother and the dog. It's raved about here, there and everywhere, but to be honest, I don't understand why. 

Throughout this review please bare in mind that I have normal to dry skin, with a very slightly oily patch on my nose. I tried to justify this not working for me because of that, and it does somewhat but I've heard bloggers and youtuber with dry skin rave about this as well. 

So, I picked up the Stay Matte powder when my Maybelline Fit Me Powder was on it's lasts legs. The Rimmel option was a bit cheaper, and in some kind of hope that I could try and save money I snapped it up. 

It retails for just £3.99 in Boots and Superdrug and comes in variety of shades. They have some great shades for my pale pals out there, but there really isn't anything for the darker, more tan skin tones. There is a translucent but the tester of that seems to leave a slightly hint of colour to the skin, so it might give darker skin tones a grey cast. 

The store I was in didn't have an of the Transulcent shade in stock, so I picked up Peach Glow as it looked the closet to my skin tone. The powder offers very little coverage on the skin, but claims to keep skin naturally matte (or control shine) for 5 hours. 

I just found this powder far to chalky to use. The chakly texture of the Stay Matte powder means it looks horrid on the skin making foundation look cakey and leaves skin looking dull and an all round mess. 

It didn't help keep my foundation in place any longer than it does without powder, it left it feeling cakey and heavy on my skin and overall it was a waste of £3.99. Maybe I have a bad one or something, but I expected so much more than this from the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and it just didn't deliver. I think I'll spend a little more and grab the Maybelline Fit Me or Revlon Nearly Naked powder next time I'm in need of one. 

Oh and just as a little P.S the packaging sucks. It's really flimsy, and the lid cracks pretty easily and falls off easily too. For only £2 more, you get a sturdy compact, decent powder, mirror and powder puff from Maybelline. 
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  1. I kind of agree with you, I picked it up recently thinking it would be amazing because everyone constantly raves about it. It's okay, but it wouldn't be the best.

    Ellie xo blog design | beauty & style

  2. I'd like to try this but I prefer loose powder over pressed:(

    Great post,
    Zofia xo


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