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Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream in Very Light | A Brutal Yet Honest Review

Clinique  Moisture Surge CC Cream, £28 link
When I'm looking for a new foundation, for some reason I always find myself at the Clinique counter. The claims of the products being allergy tested, fragrance free and having a range for just about any skin type always draws me in, even if there is nothing new to be seen. 

I'm not entirely sure why the brand keeps drawing my in, because from what I have tried I've only really fallen in love with two things. I adore the Moisture Surge and Moisture Surge Intense gel-creams they offer. They are amazing for my dry skin, oil free so that little patchy of oily skin on my nose doesn't freak out and they really are fragrance free. 

The other products I've tried have left me want more. The dramatically different lotion broke me out like nothing has ever done before. The Even Better Makeup left my skin a greasy mess and left me powdering my skin every hour. The Super Balanced foundation sat in my pores and lasted all of 3 hours on my skin. Overall, I haven't been that impressed, but I still keep going back and I have no idea why. 

When I was browsing the counter last time, the CC Cream trend had just hit and Clinique had launched their Moisture Surge CC Cream. The lady sold it to me incredibly well, and when I tested it the colour and texture seemed brilliant. I snapped it up right away thinking that even if I didn't wear this alone it would suffice under powder for a coverage boost or it would work like my Maybelline BB Cream and be a great primer. 

Sadly, it's none of those things. This product was just £28 of disappointment. Unless you are in indoor lighting or brilliant sunshine the colour, at least on me, has a strong ashy tone to it. The product doesn't blend into the skin, but rather sits on top making you look, quite frankly, scary. It sinks into pores, giving the skin a noticeably uneven finish and it stays tacky. 

I've tried this in just about any way I can imagine and it just doesn't work for me. If I set it with powder, somehow to stickiness still managed to break through the powder leaving my face feel disgusting. 

I tried putting it on with just about every brush, sponge and applicator possible, and it still didn't sink into the skin, give any hydration or blend evenly. The best I ever got out of this was when using my fingers,  but even then I hated how it felt on my skin. 

I couldn't use this as a "tinted" primer because of the way it sits on my skin. If I put anything else on top of this, it just looks like a cakey mess. It doesn't give the makeup a smooth base to sit on, nor does it hold the makeup in place. 

It did offer some coverage, if you can handle the feel and look of the product. It does 'colour correct', well as much as I can tell. I don't have dark circles (thank god!) and I don't really have anything else other than redness to correct on my face.  It does cover the redness, but most things do because it just takes a light layer of something to even out my skin. 

I always try and find at least one good things about a product, to justify the money spent just a teeny-tiny bit. With this CC cream, it does offer you sun protection. The SPF30 helps shield the skin from the sun, and according to Boots its a broad spectrum sun protection, meaning in protects from both UVA and UVB rays, rather than just the UVB rays. 

So, overall I wouldn't recommend the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, as you can probably imagine. I have dry skin with the only real trouble coming from redness of the skin. This sounded perfect for me, but it just didn't work.
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*this post was way more rant-y than normal. Remember, this is just my opinion and how this worked for me. Things work different for everyone, so it might work for you.*  


  1. Thank you for the honest review :) I like such reviews - brutally honest :) This way I know what I shouldn't look for next time I need such product.

    1. I always try to be honest! Deffo one to avoid in the future! The Max Factor CC Cream is brilliant if you want to try a CC Cream. x

  2. Thanks for the honest review! I've always regarded Clinique as a 'never-fail' brand but now I know what to look out for!

    1. I always go back, but this is something to avoid!

  3. Makes for good reading, I too have been a fan of Clinique products in the past, so am surprised.

    1. I'm a fan of the skincare, the makeup just seems to disappoint!

  4. I like the idea of it but after reading that it probably isn't for me xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Try the Max Factor CC Cream if you fancy trying a CC Cream. 100x better than this and so much cheaper :) x


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