Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jergens Daily Mositure Fragrance Free Body Lotion

Jergens Daily Moisture Fragrance Free Dry Skin Body Moisturiser £3.49 link
The Jergens Daily Mositure Fragrance Free Body Lotion claims to be a 24 hour hydrating body lotion that gives you noticeably smoother skin without any irritating fragrance. The formula is enriched with silk proteins that help skin look smoother all day long. 

The white lotion smooths on the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and moisturized. It sinks in quite quickly for something that claims to give all day long effects. The lotion isn't thick or sticky like some can be, and it is fragrance free like it claims to be. 

If you find your skin easily irritated by fragrance, even the smallest amount, then I would give this a go. I found it to be great on even the most sensitive parts of my skin, and it does give a nice nourished effect. 

I only have patches of sensitive skin and this worked on moisturizing them without any irritation. I also found that because there was no fragrance, that it helped my perfume keep it's true scent rather than the two merging together. So, if there isn't a lotion that matches your perfume scent, go with something fragrance free instead of mixing scents. 

I'm not sure if it makes my skin smoother, but it does leave it feeling moisturized for most of the day. It's not going to give you the level of moisturizing that Body Shop Body Butters, or anything like that but it's great for everyday use when you need something that is going to sink in fast and leave skin free of any fragrance.

I would highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin who wants a simple moisturizer for every day use. It's cheap, simple and does pretty much what is says.  
*gifted by KAO


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