Sunday, 18 August 2013

MAC Lustre Glass in Sinnamon

MAC Lustreglass Lipgloss in Sinnamon, 4.8g. £14 link
The MAC Lustreglass lip glosses are just one of the lip gloss offerings from the popular company. These glosses are meant to create a high shine look with an ornamental pearlized finish. Also, the shades have a duo-chrome effect to them. 

I picked up the shade Sinnamon when I was on a huge "nude brown" kick. I know many people think brown/dark nude lipsticks are for the more mature people out there, but I adore them and my collection continues to grow.

Sinnamon is descirbed as a "spicy, icy taupe beige" by MAC, but it's quite a but darker than I would imagine "beige" to be. For me I would tend to classify this colour as a tan/nude with a gorgeous shimmery finish. It does have some other colours running through it when it hits different lights but they are all very complimentary of the main tan colour. 

I found this gloss to be quite long wearing, for a lip gloss at the very least. It doesn't battle food or drink but it lasts well through me talking my little head off. It is a little sticky (what gloss isn't) but it's not to horrific. I think the regular lip glasses and dazzle glasses have a bit more a sticky texture, so don't judge these based on those. 

I love that this has a brush rather than a sponge tip applicator like many other glosses. I find that the sponge tip applicators end up wearing away so you are left with sharp plastic at the tip, and I also find that the sponge tip applicator ,when you swipe it on over lipstick, takes some of the pigment off, leaving me with patchy lips. The brush here doesn't do that. I think it might be because it holds more product within it, but it puts on the prefect amount of gloss in just one swipe and it leaves my lipstick in place as well. 

For your £14.00 you get 4.6 grams of product. It's not much. In all honestly, this is what puts me off picking up more of these glosses. For £14, I kind of want some more product. You get a comparable amount in the L'Oreal Glam Shine gloss and they are half the price. There are also similar shade available in the Glam Shine range, so I might try more of those before spending a big ol' £14 on one more of these.
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