Friday, 23 August 2013

Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Balm

The Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Balm is described as an energy balm and holds similar claims to the Clarins Flash Balm. I've already reviews on supposed dupe for the Clarins option (you can read that here). 

 These balms are meant to be great for giving the skin a radiance boost alongside some added moisturization.

 I use this a primer type product over the top of a  moisturizer to give me a more dewy complexion and a smoother base for my makeup to sit on. 

I wouldn't recommend this for people with oily skin, because I feel it might just be a bit to intense for them but for people with normal to dry skin this would be great.

This, compared with the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Radiance Balm, is actually more of a balm texture rather than a lotion. Despite it being a balmy texture, it sinks into the skin really quickly leaving it feeling smooth and nourished. 

The scent of this is really strange. It's sort of similar to that of the No Clogs Allowed. I want to say it's slightly minty, but I can say for certian. If scent bothers you, this might not be for you bit it's not a irritating fragrance and it doesn't liner so you might be fine. 


The  packaging is gorgeous, but I think it might have been repackaged now. I'm not a fan of the minimalistic packaging that Soap and Glory have introduced, but I suppose if the product is still the same then I would repurchase this.

Overall, I would recommed this to people with normal to dry skin. If you fancy giving these balms a try, then this a good option but the superdrug option is a cheaper alternative and does very similar things to this. 

You can get this Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Balm from Boots or online here for £12
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  1. This sounds nice! But probably a bit too heavy for my skin!

    Love Zoe x

  2. I like the sound of this, but I do have very oily skin, so I might keep my distance from it :)


    1. Might be best too, but if you ever get any dry patches it would be great to treat those really quickly :)

  3. I love this but haven't used it in a while - I'll have to dig it out again :)


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