Monday, 5 August 2013

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

 The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is a vitamin rich, lightweight creamy gel product meant to be used after moisturizer and before foundation or tinted moisturizer. It claims to make the face a painters canvas, providing a base that will hold makeup in place all day. 

 I picked this up from the gorgeous Sandra from The Black Pearl Blog for £5 in her blog sale. I've always wanted to try something from Laura Mercier, and I've yet to find a primer that is my holy grail thing. For a fiver, I thought why not? 

I am soo glad I snapped this up because I'm in love. The formula is great for my dry skin because it doesn't mattify the skin like many primers I've found. It blends onto the skin really easily, with a little going a long way. 

It's not quite as smoothing as some primers are (the Bourjois flower perfection primer being the best for me) but it holds my makeup in place like nothing else. I am not exaggerating in anyway by saying that it doubles the time my makeup lasts. Any fading of the foundation that I might have is very minimal and it stay flawless and even all day. 

The packaging is really simple, nothing excessive like some packaging can be. I'm not a huge fan of having a squeezy tube because I always get too much product, but I can get over that because having a pump might make it really chunky. 
You can pick this up in a couple of sizes. I have the deluxe travel size which retails for £18.50. The full size primer retails for £28 and is so worth it. I will be repurchasing this when I have the cash because nothing else preforms quite like this for me. You can purchase the travel size here and the full size here

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  2. The price is a bit steep :/ But it really does sound like an amazing foundation primer!

    1. It really is expensive! I hope I can find a dupe soon!


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