Saturday, 31 August 2013

Freckles and Gilbert Kindle Case + A Little Bit of Literature

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get this post up but I'm finally going to have my rave about the Freckles and Gilbert Kindle Case I won in a blog giveaway. I was given a choice of cases from the Freckles and Gilbert site, and settled on the gorgeous Elegant Owl Kindle Case. 

 It's a great case for jazzing up my kindle, protecting it and just giving it that little something extra.  The case is water resistant, cushioned inside and has a waterproof zip to ensure you device is full protected.

They case (for the Kindles) come in two sizes, so whatever kindle you have there is one for you. I picked mine up so that it fits my Keyboard Kindle, but if you have the smaller, non keyboard version or a kindle fire there is a case to fit your needs. 

The design is super cute, and much better than my plain ol' pink cover I was using before. This offers my kindle much more protection that other cases I've tried, and the water resistant cases means it's easy to wipe and keep clean. 

 You can pick the Elegant Owl Kindle Case up here for £30, or browse the other cases they have to offer here.  

Now, I'm putting up this review here because I did win it through a fellow beauty blog but also I wanted to use this opportunity to give my other blog a little shout out. I adore books and reading, so I decided to start a blog dedicated to them. It's called A Little Bit of Literature and has a few post live over there right now! I did post a few book related posts here, but I want to keep this blog focused on beauty (and maybe fashion in the future). So, if you like reading, book reviews, kindle talk and movie discussions then please check out the blog here or maybe even give it a follow on bloglovin here!

I've heard so many rumors about GFC going away, so maybe pop over to bloglovin andgive me a follow there to keep up to date with my blog!

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