Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Soap and Glory Wishlisht

Soap and Glory is such a cult brand at the moment. I think nearly every blogger could rave about at least one of their products, and I’m sure most are in love with a whole range of things they have to offer.  It’s not the most expensive brand out there by any means but it’s not the cheapest either. I’d love to have a huge collection of their products, but for now I’m going to settle with slowly building it up and lusting after their other offerings. 

    For Daily Youth £12.00 for 50ml

    The For Daily Youth moisturizing lotion is a 6 in 1 “superboost” lotion that is formulated to help fight the appearances of lines and wrinkles and to help maximize moisture levels.  It claims to give the skin a more radiant ‘glow’. I don’t really need help with the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but I love anything that claims to give me a more radiant complexion. I’ll be saving up for this bad boy!

    Dr Spot £8.00 for 15ml

    The Dr Spot Invisible Spot Fighting Gel claims to be a light and clear gel that contains salicylic acid and lactic acids that are meant to fight spots without drying out the skin. I always get the occasion breakout on my chin, not matter what I do to try and prevent them, but having dry skin generally it’s hard to find something that fights the spots without drying my skin out even more. I’d love to try this and see if it really fights without drying. 

    One Heck of a Blot £12.00 for 9g

    The One Heck of a Blot is an oil absorbing / shine controlling powder that claims to be super translucent, mattifying and ultra light.   It’s meant to give the face a smooth and velvety finish without caking makeup. I’d love to try this because I wear  a quite heavy duty foundation, and don’t need the extra coverage of a powder but do need the setting effects and oil absorbing properties that a powder offers. This sounds perfect for me, so I’d love to give it a go. 

    Sugar Crush Body Wash £6.50 for 500ml

    Everyone and there mother have raved about this body wash. I’ve never really been picky with body wash because you just wash it off but I really want to see what the fuss is about this beaut. It carries a citrus scent which I adore, and it claims to be energizing, revitalizing and refreshing on the skin so it sounds like and all round good package deal.

    The Righteous Butter £10.50 for 300ml

    I think this has to be the most famous Soap and Glory product, no? It’s a best seller, won a few awards and is a firm favourites of quite a few people. I’m shocked I haven’t tried this yet, and with my dry skin I think the thick formula of a body butter will certainly be suitable for me. It contains softening shea butter and aloe vera along with a gorgeous scent.

    Eau De Soap and Glory £16.50 for 50ml

    This Eau De Toilette is scented with the famous Mist You Madly scent. It has notes of bergamot, cassis, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. I love the Mist You Madly scent and I’ve been wanting to try a soap and glory fragrance for quite some time. This sounds perfect for me and it’s not too expensive for a perfume.

    The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser £10.00 for 100ml

    The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser is a 3 in 1 concentrated deep purifying formula that is meant to clean, smooth and melt makeup away. It has sweet almond, orange and lavender oils. You get a free muslin cloth to rinse off the cleanser. I love hot cloth cleanser, and the Fab Pore range so this might just be perfect for me. I’d love to give that a go so it might be my next investment after I’ve used my current cleansers up.

    Whipped Clean Shower Butter £8.00 for 250ml

    The Whipped Clean Shower Butter is a shower gel and moisturiser all in one little tube. It’s made up of 25% moisturising oils and butters. It’s fragranced with pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla.  I never moisturise my body. I’m so bad at it. To be honest, I kind of hate the feeling of moisturiser on my skin so this sounds like it could really help me out.  

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    1. Sugar Crush body wash is lovely, one of my favourites xx


    2. Replies
      1. Me To! Possibly to top of my wishlist at the moment!

    3. Soap and Glory has such great stuff! Want to try them all!

      1. Most S&G stuff really is great!


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