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Products I Regret Buying : Hair Dye, Lipgloss and More

Is it wrong that I love writing posts about products I regret buying or disappointing products? I really do love it because it's all well and good sharing products that you love and adore, but I think it's important to share things that don't work for you. I'd like to be warned if I was thinking of buying something that was crap. So, without further or do, I leave you with my list of crap products.

L'Oreal Mousse Absolue (Shade 425) 

This seems like a brilliant concept to me! I need about 1 and half dyes to go all over my hair, root to tip meaning half of one dye gets wasted every time I dye my hair. With this being reusable (even if was more expensive than some) I thought it would work out being better value for me. 

It would have been better value, had this worked. It barely took to my hair, only really showing up in the mid lengths. My roots looked completely untouched, and overall my hair looked quite patchy. 

My hair takes colour really well, but with this it just looked awful! I won't be wasting another £10.99 on this, and I would rather just have a little left over with hair dyes that actually work. 

And this fades worse than even semi-permanent dyes. I used to use the casting creme gloss and it latest nicely in my hair. This has faded about 5 shades in just three washes.  

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Leave In Conditioner

I normally get along with any leave in conditioners. I mean there are ones that are a million times better than others, but they all at least so something for me. This does nothing other than make my hair feel slightly crispy. Unlike many leave in conditioners, this is a gel texture rather than a cream. Even on wet hair, I found that it sat on top of the hair like a gel rather than sinking in a nourishing the hair like a conditioner should. It's not going to break the bank, but for the price I did expect more and from now on I'll stick to my Tresemee treatments from now on.   

Mellor and Russell Nourishing Hair Oil

I picked this up in poundland, thinking that even if it's not brilliant to oil will be great for helping tame some of my dry frizz but this cannot even do that. I've used this on both dry and wet hair, and it was terrible in both situations. On wet hair, it felt like I'd just added water on my hair. It didn't help condition my hair in any shape or form. On dry hair, it gave it the weirdest texture EVER. My hair has never felt like this, and it then created a very strange sound because of the texture. Not even worth £1. 

FashionistA Ready To Wear Brush on Concealer 

I brought this when I was in desperate need of a concealer on the way to uni. I'd done my makeup really poorly, I had blemishes gracing my chin and they were big enough to see from space. I grabbed this thinking I could pop it under my eyes (it had been a late night) and I could blend it over the blemishes to cover them a little. This didn't help with either.

Under my eyes, it was to heavy in texture. It creased slightly, and even with the heavy texture it didn't really cover anything all that well. It did slightly cover the darkness, but I get better coverage from everything else I've tried. 

On my blemishes, it did nothing. It covered not redness and blended to nothing. I could feel it on my skin, but it didn't cover anything. It was uncomfortable to wear, and I just wouldn't use this again. 

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation (120)

I grabbed this from a blog sale, and was told it was the closest shade to the NC20 range at MAC. It's so far from that, it's just not. It's very orange in colour and I just cannot see that suiting many skin tones. 

I also hate the texture. On me, no matter what base I put on, it was thick and cakey. It didn't blend well, it went patchy and I won't even leave the house in it.

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream  (Extra Light)

I wanted to love this. I was on the look out for a summer foundation product, and after finishing my Even Better from Clinique I grabbed this. I stupidly just brought it right off the bat without trying a sample of anything like that.  

I should have tried a sample first because even thought it felt and looked nice when I tested it on my hand in the store, when I use this on my face it's awful. It sits on top of the skin rather than blending into it. I can that I've got makeup on from a mile away, and it just leaves a really sticky texture on my skin.

I tried tweeting Clinique to ask for tips on how to use this, but I've had no answer so I've given up. I've written this off as a lost cause, and have gone off in search of my summer makeup love. 

Nivea Young Be Beautiful Tinted Moisturiser

I grabbed this for the huge expense of 20p in Superdrug one time. I was new to makeup, and really wanted to find a great base product. I thought this would be great for everyday wear because I've loved nivea for quite some time and the tint was just what I was after. 

The shade is meant to be universal but I really don't think it is. It is very dark and I don't think it would suit many people. If there was a shade range, or if this was just a few shades lighter I would have loved it. It offered a nice coverage for a tinted moisturizer, but I just cannot pull this off.  

Wet n Wild Xplode Gloss (E84803)

I picked this up for the huge price of 85p on cosmetics fairy. I was putting in an order and thought that I would try out the lip gloss. I picked a lighter shade, hoping that it would be the most universal. 

The shade is just not good. It's really light, and very metallic. Even in the centre of the lips or all over, it looks awful. It's very unflattering, and I can't see this suiting anyone of any skin tone. 

The one upside to this is that is smells amazing. You literally want to eat it. 

ELF Mineral Lip Gloss (Wild) 

I would love this is I could get any of the darn product out. I love the colour, and I love the texture of the gloss once I've finally got some product out. 

It takes me putting the brush into the pot about 10 times to get enough product to cover the lips.  

 Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss (Copper)

I snapped this up in a three peice set in Superdrug when it was on cleanser. I think I paid less than a fiver for the three, and I fell in love with two shades. the pink is great for using in the centre of the lips to make them look fuller. The clear gloss is great for all over but the copper shade is just really unflattering.

It's insanely metallic for one thing, and the orange tone just doesn't suit me. It was very unflattering on the lips, alone or over colours and I just cannot use it.
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  1. I love reading these posts as much as products that were a success... like anything it's good to know the good and bad and then if you want try for yourself as we're all different but you know what to look out for or might be a concern.

    I've actually got a blog post I'm writing myself on a few products that we're a hit for me, I must finish it and hit publish!


  2. oh no that's really put me off the Illamasqua foundation, I hate that so many bases are too dark for pale skin :( xx

  3. I found the opposite with illiamasque foundation, I'm pale like a ghost and the colour I've got is spot on. if you find it too cakey mix it with a tinited moisturiser or a bb cream so its not as thick, seems to really work for me :)

  4. I found the opposite with illiamasque foundation, I'm pale like a ghost and the colour I've got is spot on. if you find it too cakey mix it with a tinited moisturiser or a bb cream so its not as thick, seems to really work for me :)

  5. I found the opposite with illiamasque foundation, I'm pale like a ghost and the colour I've got is spot on. if you find it too cakey mix it with a tinited moisturiser or a bb cream so its not as thick, seems to really work for me :)


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