Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Wishlist

Bomb Cosmetics are a company that offer very similar products to Lush at similar and sometimes even cheaper prices. 
Today, for Wishlist Wednesday, I'm bringing you my wishlist of things I'm lusting after from the brand at the moment! 

Crazy Chic Bath Mallow £2.24 link

I love the Bath Mallow from Lush, but I feel like they don't have a big range in that texture of product. Bomb Cosmetics have a huge selection of Bath Mallows, and this one just looked super cute. 

Mandarin Sunset Whoopie Blaster £2.99 link

If I could pick a favourite scent of all time, it would have to be the Satsuma scent from the Body Shop. Anything with an orange/mandarin scent reminds me of that and I love it! Not only does this sound like it would smell amazing, but it looks really quirky with the blue and orange mixed together. 

Lime On Bath Creamer £2.09 link

Now that summer has hit, I've been loving those really refreshing scents. Lime just screams summer to me, so this sounds like something I'd like to smell. I also love the idea of a creamer for the bath, because I have dry skin so any extra moisture I can get is needed. 

Rosy Cheeks Facial Scrub £7.99 link

I have dry skin which means I love scrubs for helping bet rid of any flakes I might get. This is a lotion based scrub and I need all the help I can get when it comes to injecting moisture into my skin! It sounds like it smells fab too! 

Rhassoul Mud Mask £7.99 link

I'm on a face mask binge at the moment, and the ingredients in this sound like they could help out my skin. I love a good mud mask so that's a win too. I think I could use this in a triple threat face mask routine, and totally get better skin. 

Orange Blossom Car and Room Fragrancer £2.00 link

 I love orange scents, as I've said before, so this appeals to me. I don't have a car, but use these in my wardrobe to keep my clothes smelling fresh. I'd love to give this one a go to see if lives up to my beloved Yankee Candles ones I'm using at the moment. 

Cherry Bathe-Well Bath Blaster £2.09 link

Honestly, the cute name and image of this makes me want this more than anything else. Cherry scents are appealing to me, and I'd love to give this a go.

Juicy Pineapple Intense Lip Treatment £2.49 link

Doesn't something described as Juicy Pineapple just sound so much better than my usual boring old lip balm. I would love to give this, or one of their other lip treatments a go because they sound amazing!

Honey Hair Mask £8.99 link

I love a good hair mask. Because my hair is really damaged, curly and frizzy I use one every time I wash my hair. I have found some really amazing masks in my time, but I still haven't found my holy grail hair savior. This mask has the potential to be the product though, so I would love to try it.   

Lemon Meringue Delight Soap Cake £2.49 link

I love anything with a lemon or citrus scent, to the idea of this appealed to me instantly. The "cake" looks really nice for soap, and I love novelty soaps so this is right up my street.

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