Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jergens Ultra Healing Hand Cream

The Jergens Ultra Healing Hand Cream is a hand cream targets at those with extra dry hands. It claims to nourish and heal the dry skin to give visibly healthier looking hands. It contains vitamin C,  E and B5. 

When I read that this was for extra dry skin, I imaginged it would be similar to Concentrated Hand Creams like Palmers and Superdrug offer but it's not. It is quite a runny liquid, which means you get far to much come out of the tube when you go to use it. 

You only need a small amount because a little does go a long way. It doesn't sink in to quickly which means I don't carry this around with me. I do keep this at my bedside because I don't really mind it leaving a slight residue at night. While it does leave a residue, it really does moisturize your hands. I wouldn't say it's going to do anything if you have really dry skin, but for my just slightly dry skin it's great. 

There is a slight fragrance to this, but it's nothing really strong. I don't really know what it smells like but it's a soft, clean type of scent. If you want something fragrance free, this won't be for you. If you don't mind a short-lasting (is that a word?) scent, then you could get away with this.

It does contain mineral oil (or paraffinum liquidum) which I know if not good in beauty products. I'm a skin care dense head, so I have no idea if having mineral oil in a hand cream is bad. Do you? I know it's bad in products you use on your face, but does that transfer to your hands?

 You pay £3.49 for 75ml of the hand cream, which I would consider an average price for decent, drugstore/high street hand cream. I've noticed that the Jergens Hand Creams (this one and a daily moisture option)  are quite often on some kind of sale in Boots and Superdrug, so I would wait for those offers to pop up before purchasing.
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