Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Head Over Heels | Current Shoe Wish List

Recently, shoes have become a love of mine. I never used to care to much about what I put on my feet, but after trying to get a little more fashion savvy, I've found that they can make or break an outfit! 

So, with all that being said, I wanted to bring you my shoe wishlist! 

1) Black Metal Tip Shoe Boots, New Look, £29.99 link

 I love a white shoe, even if they only look really great for about a weeks. These cute heels from New Look are cream, and have a cute bow accent and, in my opinion, avoid looking like a wedding shoe. The heel isn't too high, so they could work for the day but the heel is there so it can make a great night out shoe too! 

2) Cream Lace Bow Court Heels, New Look, £22.99 link

  I find that these boot like shoes are often the most comfortable. Out of all my heels, the ones in this design are the ones that I can last the night in. They mostly come in black designs like this one, but I like the hints of metallic colour on the toe and back. The heel does look quite killer, but for a dinner or something sitting down most of the time, these will make your legs look fabulous.

3) Blue Floral Print Denim Ballet Pumps, New Look, £12.99 link

 These floral flats are something that appeal to the inner girly young person inside of me. I love having a nice  pattern flat to spice up a slightly boring outfit like skinny jeans and a simple tee. They look comfortable, and the colour is great and will go with quite a lot. 

4) Chains and Studs Embellished Trainers, Everything Five Pounds, £5.00 link

I used to live in trainers, but since finding my slightly more feminine side I've kind of given them up. When I saw these, I just found myself lusting after them. They have a nice edge to them with the studs. The high top design is something that really appeals to me, and the colour is great for a number of different outfits. 

5) Canvas Loafers, H&M, £12.99 link

When I saw these, I wanted them right away. They cute drawing on the slipper design shoe is brilliant! They have a nice quirkiness to them without being over the top. The colour isn't too dark for the summer, but the grey can transfer to the autumn/winter too. 

6) Metal Fitting Bow Small Wedge Shoes, Everything Five Pounds, £5.00 link

 I can't pull off this shade of blue, but I love the shade. I thought in a shoe, it would be easier to pull off and it would give me a chance to own something in a colour I adore! The design is something I've worn before so I know it looks great with most of my clothes. The  very slight wedge means you they can be great for day wear, but I think they have a slight dressy feeling too them which means I would wear these out at night. 
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  1. The black metal boots are so gorgeous!!

    1. I know! Totally lusting after them :) x

  2. Those studded hi tops are so cool!hope you get them!:)


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