Tuesday, 30 July 2013

HD Brows Bronzer in 2

HD Brows Bronzer, £19.69, link 

The HD Brows Bronzer is one of the latest offering from the cult brows brand "HD Brows". When I was ever so kindly offered a chance to try this and their blusher, I jumped at it. I adore their brow palette in Vamp (review here) and the blush is  a gorgeous blush for the summer (review here). 

The bronzer is a pigmented, medium-tone bronzer with golden shimmer running through it. In the pan, it's easy to compare with Nars Laguna. The shimmer looks very similar in both, but unlike Laguna, it does translate into the skin slightly more. You won't be looking like a glitter ball, but don't expect a matte look from this. It has a slightly more orange tone to it as well, but it's not "You've Been Tangoed" orange, so fear not! 

  I have very pale skin, so I've always found it hard to find a bronzer that works for me without making me look muddy or a TOWIE extra. I can't claim that this is the holy grail bronzer, because if applied a little too heavy handed or with the wrong brush for me, it can make me look a little tangoed. 

I've found this perfect when used in conjunction with a big stippling brush or duo fiber brush. I've found that the ELF stippling brush and the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Powder Brush. It gives you a light application, helps blend the powder into the skin and ensures that you don't look too orange or 'dirty'. 

While I can make this work for my skin tone - I found it great for warming up the skin tone, and for lightly contouring the face - I would say it is more suited for darker skin tones. I would say it's ideal for people who are around NC/NW25 >> but people under that can make it work with a light hand. 

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*pr sample


  1. This is one product I am yet to catch on to xx


    1. Worth a try if you can get your hands on it!

  2. This looks really nice and not too orange like some bronzers are! I always forget that HD Brows to make up as well as brows. *Off to have a little peek at their website! :)

    1. It's a great bronzer! not too shimmery or to orange... I really want to try more of the HD brows makeup :)


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