Tuesday, 23 July 2013

HD Brows Blusher in 2

HD Brows Blusher Shade 2, £17.95, link 
The HD Brows Blusher is one of the latest offerings from the brand famous for their eyebrow products. The eyeshadow/brow quads are famous in the blogging world, and I think this blusher is going to be quick to follow. 

It's a gorgeous warm rose colour with beautiful gold shimmer running through it. The blusher's texture is beautiful, and one of the smoothest I've tried. The silky smooth powder blends onto the skin with nearly every brush I've used and it lasts all day. 

The shade is very similar to Nars Orgasm. I personally don't own Orgasm, but I have swatched it many times when at the Nars counter and after seeing this I no longer need to lust after that shade. I have it right here! This isn't hugely cheaper than the Nars blush (£21.50), retailing at £17.95 but every little helps right so this might just be the option for you.

I have a very fair complexion, and this works really well on my skin tone. The shimmer running through the blush means you can forgo highlighter, but still get the radiance you would is you used one. I also think this would work amazingly well on deeper and more tan skin tones. 

The packaging is slightly chunky, but it sticks with the traditional HD Brows packaging. The sleek, glossy black compact with the white writing looks classy and the nice mirror inside means it's great for on the move. I'm not entirely sure what the sponge is for, because I've never applied a powder blush with a sponge but I suppose it could be used for touch ups in a desperate situation.    

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*pr sample

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  1. I thought it would be for brows!!! :D Anyway, I think it is close to orgasm but less shimmery--which in a way is a good thing esp if your skin has large pores :)



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