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Guest Post: How to make sure your eyes sparkle... Through hayfever and sleepless nights

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While I take a few days off for my birthday, the lovely Leah from agreed to guest post for me. So,  I'll leave you with the lovely Leah.

Getting the right amount of sleep, Vitamin C, eight glasses of water a day, etc should leave us looking and feeling fresh, but unfortunately life can get in the way of these regimes. So here are a few tips on looking bright and well-rested for those days where you’re just not on top form. 

To combat hayfever:

As much as it’s nice to see a bit of sun, longer days and aim for that perfect tan, summer also means hay fever season. If you suffer from hay fever it is likely to leave your eyes red, itchy and puffy which can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

Try Simple Soothing Eye Balm to relieve the puffiness. It is formulated for sensitive skin so shouldn’t aggravate the eyes any further. 

Cilnique’s all about eyes concealer works well to cover up hayfever’s effects as it covers up dark circles as well as puffiness. Try also using a light coloured eye pencil under the lash line to effectively hide persistent redness and to brighten up dull looking lids. MAC have a good range of different shades. 

When it comes to mascara you want something waterproof to power through pollen related eye-irritation as well as something suitable for sensitive eyes to avoid any further aggravation. Bourjour Paris Volume Glamour Max Waterproof Mascara not only volumises but its waterproof formula promises a 24 hour hold and is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


The good old cucumber slices work well to soothe and awaken puffy eyes. The coolness of them gives your eyes a refreshing boost which leaves your eyes not only looking, but feeling much more awake.

Use a separate moisturiser for the delicate eye area than for the rest of the face, the skin around your eyes is much more sensitive so it is always best to use a cream specifically formulated for the eyes. When applying eye cream, only a small amount is sufficient as putting on too much can cause a build-up of product, leaving you with puffy eyes again. Also keeping your eye cream in the fridge provides a nice soothing effect when applying, giving your eyes a boost.


Concealer is a must for covering up the dark circles that are a tell-tale sign of a lack of sleep. You want to use a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation, as it lifts the appearance of darkness around the eyes.

When applying the make-up, tilt your head downwards and then look up into the mirror. This angle will cause any dark circles under the eyes to show more clearly, giving you the best starting point to cover them up

Using the fingers to blend, gently pat small amounts of concealer around the eyes and blend in using tapping, not rubbing, motions. Tapping gently around the eyes also works to boost the circulation. You can also apply concealer to the eyelids as a base, which evens out your overall base as the eyelids can sometimes give away a pinkish tone. Finally, adding light or sparkly eye shadow in the corner of your eyes will add a brightening effect.  

All in one:

BB creams now come for the eyes as well. Garnier BB eye cream roll on is a 5-in-one product which works as a concealer whilst hydrating tired eyes at the same time. A great time saver for when you’re rushing out the door in the morning, this one is a great staple to keep in your make-up bag for when you need it. Also try No7 Restore and Renew Eye Cream which is hypoallergenic so suitable for sensitive skin and works to de-puff and renew your tired eyes. Bourjois Brush concealer  is not only affordable at only £7.49 but contains light reflecting pigments to cover those dark circles as well as a C and E vitamin boost.

Leah Hutcheon is the founder of, a brand new site where you can book salons and spas online, 24/7. She was recently featured in the BBC documentary, The Entrepreneurs. Appointedd also features salon reviews and has a hair and beauty blog,

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