Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Up and Coming *Exciting* Products...

I'm always exciting when new things hit the shelf! I have no self control so I start buying, and therefore blogging  about them and I get lots of new things to play with. 

With that in mind, I'm going to start doing a monthly post about new products that are hitting our UK shelves so maybe you can keep and eye out and squeal over them like I do.

Bourjois Cream Blushes & Bronzing Primer

With summer just around the corner (hopefully) cream blushes are in and powder blushes are out. Bourjois, famous for their baked blushes, are bringing out some fabulous cream blushes. They come in 4 shades - a matte peach, a pearly apricot pink, a pearly soft pink and a matte brown pink. They are a creamy to powder formula that claim to blend easily over the skin and carry the signature rose fragrance that comes with their signature rose fragrance. They hit Boots on May 15th if you want to get your mitts on them. 

I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of their bronzing primer. I love the flower primer from the brand, and the bronzing one is said to have a similar formula. So a great primer alongside a possible dupe for the Chanel Bronze Universal. This comes out in Boots at the beginning of June, and hits Superdrug in July.

HD Brows | Blush & Bronzer 

I think everyone knows what HD brows do, but the brand is now introducing a blush and bronzer range for Summer 2013. The pressed powder blush is a soft burnt rose shade that is meant to suit all skin tones while the bronzer is great for both adding a sun-kissed looks and for contouring. 

They are on the pricey side of things at £17.95 for the blush and £19.95 for the bronzer, but the products that have come previously to this have been amazing quality so I think we can expect the same from these.

 Maybelline Mega Plush & New Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows 

I've been waiting for the pomegranate shade of the Color Tattoos to hit the UK since I saw them in the US. I cannot wait to get my hands on this, and it releases in Superdrug today.  A navy shade is also hitting the shelves.

The Mega Plush mascara has had rave and pretty bad reviews so I can't wait to give it a go to pass on my opinions too. Maybelline are hit and miss with mascaras for me, so hopefully this will be a hit.

Rimmel Lycra Flex Scandel Eyes 


The bright green tube will catch your eye, and the fact that it's great for contact lens wearers will keep you interested. It's meant to keep lashes from getting hard and brittle while giving ultra great volume. 

I can't say whether it lives up to expectations when it's released. You can get it for £6.99 in Superdrug from today onwards. 

Barry M Confetti Top Coats

Every one and their mum went a bit crazy over the confetti top coat from L'Oreal, and Barry M see to be following suit and releasing a range of their own. I personally prefer the Barry M ones because they are more my colours. You can check out reviews and swatched over on the Sunday Girl here, but I have to say that Sour Apple is one I'm going to keep and eye out for. You can get your mitts on these from June 5th in Superdrug, and 12th June in good ol' Boots. 

So, what are you awaiting the release of? I would love to know!

PS: All lashes and cosmetics are now on mix and match 3 for 2 in Superdrug for the next month or so.


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