Monday, 27 May 2013

Makeup From The Twilight Saga Movies 2

The makeup in The Twilight Saga movies aren't really makeup focused. Sure the vampires are coated in white face paint, but it's not something that everyone is going on about! I wanted to know some of the products used in the movie to create the few looks Stewart wears when playing Bella. 

In the picture above you can see 8 products that were used on human and vampire Bella to create her makeup looks. 

1) MAC Blot Powder | £20 | link

MAC Blot Powder in a movie makeup artist favourite. Not only was it used on Stewart but the entire cast has this used on them. It absorbs excess oil creating a more matte effect on the skin making it just that bit more camera ready. 

2) Anastasia Brow Duo in Brunette | £17 | link

To ensure that Bella's, both human and vampire, brows were nice and defined the makeup artists on the set used the ever so famous Anastasia brow duo in Brunette. The powder creates a more subtle effect while leaving the brows defined and framing the face. 

3) Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Balm | £31.75 | link

This was used to on the lips for the stunning wedding look Stewart, as Bella, wore. It gives a nice tint of colour on the lips while offering a nice balm effect at the same time. 

4) MAC Eyeshadows in Blanc Type, Flute and Wedge | £12 | link

These neutral shadows were used in a variety of looks in the movies to create natural looks on Stewart. The great texture of MAC shadows means they are blendable and nicely pigmented. They last for ages and rarely crease. 

5) Stila Custom Colour Blush in Pink  | £13 | link

This was another product used in the stunning wedding look. It's a nice pink blush, strangely enough that can be used subtly or built up on the skin for something more dramatic. 

6) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua | £32 | link

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation was used on vampire Bella to create a flawless base for the rest of the makeup. You can read my review of this fabulous foundation here!

7) Laura Mercier Foundation Primer | £28 | link

For most actors who wore makeup the Laura Mercier foundation primer was used to prep the skin. The luxurious primer smooths the skin while prepping it for makeup. It pro-longs the wear of face makeup creating a great base for other things. I have a review of this beaut coming soon.

8) Dior Show Iconic Mascara | £23 | link

Stewart wore this mascara as Bella Swan in the movies, but it really came into it's own when she was a vampire. The amp'ed up lashes of the vampires allowed the mascara to really show what it can do, even with the false lashes on the top. 


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