Friday, 24 May 2013

B. Active Day Cream

The B. Active Day Cream is an anti-aging cream targets at people between the ages between 30 and 40. It claims to smooth and firm the skin with concentrated tetrapeptide, hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid and have an anti-fatigue effect with niacinamide and proteolea. It also has SPF15 and UVA filters to protect from the sun. 

The B. range offers three levels of skincare, targets skin in it's three phases. The first phase is for people in the 20's and is packaged with yellow highlight. The green highlighted packaged (which contains this day cream) is for people in their 30s and 40s and makes up the products for the second skin phase.  The final stage is targets at people 50 and over, contains purple highlights over the packaging and is meant to firm up the skin. 

Instead of picking up the day cream for skin phase 1, I grabbed this once because I thought it might be slightly more nourishing and hydrating. I know I don't need the anti-aging properties, being only 19, but it's never too soon to start taking care of your skin.  

Anyway, I picked this up in hopes that it could help combat my dry skin. I've always found that anti-aging creams hydrate my skin better than regular lotions and potions. The fact that this contained hyaluronic acid only made me want to try it more. 


The texture is really nice, but it might be slightly to rich for some people. I found the thick formulation to be something comparable to night creams I've tried in the past. It is fast to sink into the skin though, and it feels lovely once you've applied it. It doesn't leave any kind of residue on my skin and it gives me a nice base in which I can easily apply makeup onto. 

After using this for about 4 weeks, I found that my skin was leaning towards the more 'normal' side rather than it's regular 'dry' type so it works perfectly for me and if you have dry skin I would highly recommend giving this a try.

The packaging is very bulky, but it does have a luxurious feel to it. The brand is marketed as a premium brand so the weighty, and classy packaging helps aid the image that want to promote. So, while it's not ideal for traveling it does look nice sitting on top of a dressing table or vanity. 


One final thing worth noting is that the brand is cruelty free. It's not tested on animals, and it carries the cruelty-free international logo to highlight that fact.

You can pick up the B. Active Day Cream in selected Superdrug stores or online here for £11.99.



  1. Looks great! I must admit I see B. products every time I'm in superdrug, I really must try something out at some point!
    Carrie xxx

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