Thursday, 9 May 2013

How To Follow Me AKA Shameless Self Promotion

With everyone freaking out about the possible departure of GFC, I figured I'd give you all a list of other ways you can follow me and this blog so you don't miss a post!

Basically, this post is just a bit of shameless self promotion. Enjoy :) 

Bloglovin in a simple way to keep up to date with every blog post on every blog you follow. You can see posts as they are posted, and select the ones you wish to read. You can follow me here if you want to.


I don't really need to say anything about Twitter so it. All I will say is that you can follow me @sparkleblog1 on this link here!

Pinterest is great for sharing quick pics with everyone! You can follow me and my boards here! 


Tumblr is a great way to follow my blog and my randomness. I'll reblog just about anything, and post all about my little makeup obsession. You can follow me here, and you can also ask questions here too.

 Beauty Sets 
Beauty Sets is a great way to create collage or sets of pictures for your own amuesment or for your blog! I create sets for my blog, and it's a great way to find 'looks' to try out. You can follow me and see my sets here


Instagram is slightly addictive but a great way to keep up to date on bloggers and their blogs. You can follow me here or search sparklingshine93 to follow! 


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