Monday, 13 May 2013

MAC Lipstick Finishes Explained

I've heard quite a few people asking about the differences in MAC lipstick finishes, and I have to admit that when I started off in makeup, before blogging, I had no idea what half of the finishes meant and what the actual finish was. So, I decided to do a little guide here on blog to explain the range of finishes that MAC offer
I hope this can help some people, and if you want to see something similar to this again don't forget to leave a lovely comment


Soft, creamy and really pigmented. 

This finish is probably my favourite of them all. They are soft, creamy lipsticks that offer amazing pigmentation. They have a nice sheen on the lips whilst offering full coverage. They are long lasting as well


Creamy with a soft shine.

 The name says it all with this finish. These lipsticks generally leave the lips with a beauiful sheen, and the forumla is generally really creamy. The colour pay off, at least from the ones that I have tried, is good and they offer a nice coverage on the lips. 


Reasonably pigmented with a frosty shimmer   

While these are the most pigmented range that MAC offer they have a reasonable colour pay off and leave a frosted shimmer effect on the lips. They are slightly less drying that other formulations also. 


Sheer and glossy 

These are sheer yet glossy lipsticks that offer a subtle look that is great for everyday and work wear. The glossy formulation means they aren't the most long wearing but they still offer a few hours wear before fading. 

 Sheer with a wet look effect

These lipsticks are very similar to Glaze lipsticks in the fact that they are sheer in colour and give a glossy (or wet-look) to the lips. They don't last the longest time, but they aren't drying on the lips

Example include: 
Freckletone (You can read all about this beaut here)


No shimmer or shine, just colour

The colour pay off with this lipsticks is amazing, but they are drying on the lips. They are great for lasting power, but if you have dry or chapped lips you need to prepare them well before attempting to wear these. Invest in a good lip scrub an and balm and you should be fine. 


Demi-matte. Nearly matte, with a slight shine.

  These lipsticks are well pigmented, and nearly matte. They formula doesn't leave a totally matte finish which means that are slightly less drying and they have a very slight sheen when applied. 

Examples include:  
Pink Nouveau  (read all about this here)

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