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Beauty Iconics: 5 Must Have Products To Complete Any Look

I've been wanting to do a "Top Tips" post for quite sometime, but honestly I'm not sure what I can offer. I'm not a makeup artist and I honestly don't know that much about skincare and how to get everything looking perfect. 

So, today I have a post sort of like that. They are just tips that I use to try and make the most of what I have and thought I would share them. 

Beautysets - Must Have beauty Items

It's All About Finding The Moisturizer

 I found for so long that my makeup just didn't on my face right. Sometimes it slid off my face, and sometimes it sat in all the right places. After finally sitting down and figuring out that I have combination dry skin, I found a moisturizer that catered to all my problems, and after using it for a week or two my skin finally had a better 'finish' for my makeup to sit on. 

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (purchase here) works perfectly for my skin. It injects moisture into my skin without it being oily or greasy in any way. It's on the expensive side but it lasts ages and it makes all the difference with the rest of my makeup. I find I can use cheaper foundation that is of a lesser quality if I have a nice base to set it on. 

 Match Your Foundation To Your Skin (PLEASE!) 

This is something I'm always self conscious about no matter what foundation I'm using. I don't want to look like I have a mask on, and I don't want something to be too light. Just look at Emily Blunt, she pays people to match her up and it still don't happen. Please, I beg of you, just try to match your foundation to your skin tone, and if it's too dark or too light at least make some effort to blend it down your neck. 

PS: If you are spot concealing, get a concealer that matches your foundation. Seeing random super light spots or dark spots over your face will look silly and draw more attention to the spots you are trying to cover. 

Add A Little Colour To Your Skin 

If you are using something super full coverage, the hides any natural flush of the skin, please add some warmth or colour back into the skin. It's always great to get everything you want covered, covered but if you are just one solid cover with no definition, warmth or colour on the skin you can look ill. You don't have to fully contour your face, or expertly place your blush but adding a little swipe of blush or swirling on some warmth you can make yourself look nice and healthy.

 My favourite bronzer is Nars Lagunga (GIVEAWAY HERE) because it's not muddy or anything like that, it works on m pale skin and darker skin tones and it's not completely matte so you don't look dull

My favourite blush is Candy Cane Blusher from B. (review here) for a powder choice and Paper Roses from  Dainty Doll (review here) as a cream choice. They are both super subtle but just complete a look.

Don't Judge Your Eye Makeup Until You've Put Mascara On

I cannot tell you how many times I've done my eye makeup and considered wiping it all off and starting again. I always try and complete it because mascara does make all the difference. Well, a good mascara makes all the difference. With nice black (or maybe brown) lashes added into the look, everything looks difference so just give it a chance.

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara (review here) would be my recommendation for an all round fabulous mascara. It holds a curl, lengths and volumises. It's brilliant. If you are looking for something really long lasting try Benefit They're Real, but I find it a bit to sticky for my liking. Clinique Bottom Lash (review here) is great for those bottom lashes if you find your mascara smudges. My favourite cheaper mascara would have to be the 17 Doll'd Up Mascara (purchase here) which you can get in Boots. 

Define Those Brows, Man

 Doing something, anything, to your brows will make or break a look. I'm not saying go for that infamous "Scouse Brow" or make them look like tadpoles, I'm just saying try something with them. I started with the just darkening my brows so they matched my hair colour which went considerably darker than my natural hair colour. I then started messing about with shape and size for different looks. It took some practice but the thicker brows can make you look younger, and thinner brows can make you look a little older. Arches and points make all the different to so just play around until you find what works for you. 

I love my ELF Eyebrow Kit (purchase here) in light. It's not the lightest colour but it works for me and because you get the tinted wax and powder you can help keep your brows under control and you can create a slightly lighter or darker look with the amount of  powder and wax you use. MAC Eyebrow pencils (purchase here), and the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencils (purchase here) are great if you like something in powder form, and a clear mascara (purchase here) like the £1 one from MUA help tame the brows if you need to.
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  1. This is a great post and whenever I read 'Scouse Brow' it always tickles me xx


    1. haha funny to read, horrifying to see haha :)

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  3. i wish i knew all of these tips when i was first playing around with make-up! especially the brows ;) great post - love amy


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