Sunday, 2 September 2012

Reveiw & Swatches | MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 1 & 2

So, I’m sure you are bored to death of the MUA reviews but I cannot stop buying their products. They are sooo cheap and so amazing and I use that as an excuse to buys things that I don’t need. It’s totally a good reason!

So today I bring you a review of two of the mono or single eyeshadows that cost one measly pound! They are something everyone should own because they are huge, they are cheap and the quality is amazing.

Both of these shades (1 &2) are what I could call highlight shades, but essentially they are just really light shades that look good under the brow, on the inner corner or all over the lid for a really bright look.

Shade 1 is by far my favourite of the two, but that’s because I find it a slightly easier colour to wear and it’s great as a highlight or all over the lid.

So, shade 1 is a beautiful pearly cream colour that beautifully highlight the brow bone in a way that isn’t to intense for everyday but in a way that also shows up! It’s hands down the more natural of the two.

Shade 2 is a white shimmery colour that is amazing! It’s the best white that I have ever tried, and it lasts all day. It’s very intense and something I would only use for a night out, but it still looks great!

You get so much shadow that I can’t see myself ever getting though these but I would repurchase them in a heartbeat!

I hope you’ve tried MUA and enjoyed their brilliance as much as I have. And no, I’m not being paid to makes these sound so great. I brought them with my own hard earned cash, and I would happily pay for them all over again!


  1. These look like such lovely colours!! :) x

    1. They are great! They are never far from my makeup bag :)x

  2. These look like like great highlighting shades. Very pigmented too. I love MUA & always have to pick something up when im in Superdrug, they have a great range

    1. They are amazingly pigmented! I find it hard to resist getting something each time I'm even near a superdrug haha! They are amazing quality for the price :) x


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