Monday, 17 September 2012

Sleek Primer Palette Review

Hello there,

How are you all today? Good? Well I’m glad. Anyway, I have a little review here for you all today and I hope you all take notice of how great this palette really it.
I’ve had this for a while now, and have used it a fair ol’ bit. I wanted to really give it a try before I gave you my views and that’s what I’ve done.
I can honestly say I cannot believe this palette hasn’t got more love, and isn’t one of those hyped up products that everyone is talking about. It’s amazing!  It’s like all the coloured cream eyeshadows you could ask for in one small palette and for only £6.50. Sleek create amazing palettes at the best prices (second only to MUA palettes) and this is just another brilliant item to add the ‘MUST HAVE’ list from Sleek.
If you like using cream bases for your shadows, then this is for you. You get 12 colours, for half the price of one MAC paint pot. These aren’t exactly the same as paint pots, but they work just as well as bases!
The colours are absolutely beautiful, and can be built up for a sheer wash of colour, to something really intense. They help eyeshadows really pop on your eyes, and they stop them from creasing and fading.
They can be worn alone, but do tend to fade a little if you don’t push something over the top of them. It’s just a great palette, and I’m not sure I’m doing it justice so I’m just going to show you the swatches:
Do you like? Well you should!

Thanks for reading guys,
Sarah xo


  1. Great review. I really need to try to use primers on eyeshadow more. Want to pick this up! Looks pretty colours x

    1. It's so worth it, even if you don't use every colour. There is a colour for everyone, I'm certian.

  2. i am not one who will feel the need to have a diff primer per color but if you really like, u should check out the maybelline tattoos. gawd theyre amazing

    1. For everyday wear, I tend to use my MAC paint pot in Nubile, but for more dramatic looks and colourful looks these are great because they make the colour so much more intense.
      I love the colour tattoos! I own nearly everyone one...

  3. Thanks for the review, sounds like great value for money! Have you ever tried the ELF palettes? xx

    1. It's amazing value for money! I've tried a couple of ELF quads, and they're okay. ELF is always hit and miss though. You could have two of the same product and one would be awful, and the other amazing!


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