Friday, 21 September 2012

Review & Swatches | Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Milk Chocolate & Crushed Walnut

Well hello again lovelies,

I’ve got a 2 in 1 review for you today. You have probably seen my love letter like posts to the MUA and Natural Collection eyeshadows before because I do adore those little guys just as much as my pricy MAC shadows. They are just as good quality, and cost literally 1/10th of the price.
Anyways, here’s a new love letter for you all. I picked two of my favourite natural collection shadows to review for you today, and I’m just going to start by saying they are AMAZING! The shades are Milk Chocolate and Crushed Walnut. They are both insanely pigmented, and really blendable. I find that they last all day (although they can fade a little) without creasing. They aren’t chalky or anything like that, and I never get any fall out from these.

Milk Chocolate is a light matte brown colour that I personally use as an eyeshadow but I’ve heard so many people say they use it as a brow powder so that might be another great use for it.

I like that it’s a warmer brown, rather than ashy which would make it even better for red heads if you wanted to use it in your brows.  If this were a little lighter the tone would be perfect for me (a natural ginger) because it’s not ashy.

Crushed Walnut is a dark brow with the tiniest bit of shimmer running through it. It’s not noticeable when you swatch it but on close inspection of the pan there is defiantly some sparkle there. Don’t be put off by it at all thought because you honestly cannot see it when it’s on your eyes.  For me, it’s one of harder ones from the collection to blend but it’s so worth that little extra work. This is actually what I wanted MAC Esspresso to be when I brought it. It's a very close dupe for it and I would say this is better than the MAC one.

These are worth the money and then some so if you can get your mitts on them, then do so IMMEDIATELY. At only £1.99 a piece, you really cannot go wrong.
Thanks for reading guys, and be sure to follow for more declaration of love for cheap products! I do love ‘em.
Sarah xo


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