Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Review & Swatches | MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 4

Hey guys,

So, I have a little review for you today. This really won’t be long because I don’t want to repeat myself all the much. So, if you haven’t already seen I’ve done a review on the MUA Mono Eyeshadow in shade 12 you can look back a little way and see it, and it’s basically a love letter to those at MUA because I seriously *heart* them.
MUA Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 4
So, all the comments about the amazing formula and pigmentation stand here for this shade, which is shade 4. It’s a pearl shade once again because I love me some shimmer and it’s just a gorgeous light lilac shade with silver shimmer. It’s actually one of the few lilac shades that I have found that works great for my skin tone and shows up really pigmented. I usually find that lilac eyeshadows blend out to nothing and you can’t really tell you have a lilac shadow on.
Well, you can tell you have lilac with that bad boy! It’s amazing, and it works great however you want to use it. You can apply it really subtly but you can also build it up to an intense colour. I personally wear it both ways and love it.

I find it really easy to work with and for £1 I can’t complain one little bit! Because of the creamy formula I don’t even get fall out which is amazing for such a cheap shadow.  

Have you tried MUA? Isn’t it just AMAZE BALLS?

Thanks for reading guys,
Sarah xo


  1. Love love love MUA shadows! Especially the palettes!



    1. They are great! The palettes are amazing. Such good quality and super cheap :) x


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