Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vivo Cosmetics | Baked Bronzer Review

Hey guys, 

I picked up the bronzer ages ago but I just haven’t gotten round to reviewing it, so here it is today. Vivo cosmetics is available online and in Tesco and it’s super cheap brand that does some pretty amazing things. 

First things I should address is the shade. This is shade 3, called healthy glow and it’s a light (VERY light bronzy shimmery shade). It’s actually so light that I can use this as a highlighter. I got this online when I brought a bunch of other stuff, and I wanted quite a light shade because I’m a ghost. I didn’t really look up real life swatches before ordering, and just grabbed what looked like the lightest shade that would suit my skin tone on the website. It’s far too light to use a bronzer, so I’m glad some way to get some use out of it. 

I love the formulation of this bronzer. It’s a really nice, soft powder that glides onto the skin really nicely. The pigmentation doesn’t look the best in the picture because it’s such a light shade but the pigmentation is really great for what it is. 

The packaging is a little chunky, which I don’t like but it’s nice and easy to store because the sides are both flat. The top is clear which I like because you can see the colour, and the black on the bottom makes it look nice too. 

Overall, it’s okay. I can’t really use it for the reason I brought it, but that is my fault for getting the wrong shade. 

Have you tried this? Do you like it?


  1. I have this but i brought mine to use a highlighter, it's so pretty :) Ax

    1. it is a gorgeous highlighter, maybe it should be advertised as that haha I really wanted a bronzer. But it's still getting some love


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