Thursday, 13 September 2012

MAC Blankety Dupe

Hey guys,

So, I've got a new dupe post for you today and it's  dupe for the MAC amplified lipstick in Blankety. Now, I adore this lipstick and have since the day I brough it. I'm never really attracted to nude colours, and the proof that I adore this colour is the fact that I ended up with something nearly exactly the same.

L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick (from their Naturals, Blondes) in 233 Boreal is almost an exact colour match for Blankety. The finshes are alightly different, but unless you are a lipstick addict like myself you can't really justify having the two. The L'Oreal sahde has more a sheen (and very very very slight shimmer to it) whereas the MAC shade is more of a creamy finish.

The L'oreal lipstick is first, and the MAC lipstick is second. Very similar, no?

If you want both or unsure you really want Blankety (which costs a painful £14 a tube) I would recommend giving the L'Oreal shade a try because it's only £8.19 a tube.

I actually like the L'Oreal packaging better two. Now, if you're in the States (and maybe other places) I know the packaging is different from what we have in the UK, but I think the UK packaging feels more expensive and is a nice gold shade. The MAC lipstick only feels expensive to me because it's got MAC plastered on the packaging.

When I was looking thorugh my collection I also found a gloss that is almost an exact colour match for these lipstick. It's another L'Oreal prodcut and it's one of their Glam Shine Blush glosses. they are about the same price as a tube of liptick and come in really cute packaging with a 'heart' shaped applicator. The shade is 157 Rosewood Blush. It's obviously a different finsih becuase it's a gloss, and it has some glitter/shimmer in it but it's essentialy rhese shades in a gloss. It's just something to consider if your not a lipstick lover, but like the colour.

Now, you will have to excuse the fact that I don't have  swatch of the gloss. I took the pictures before writing this up and forgot the gloss. It's now packed away in preperation for my move. Sorry.

But, I hope this saves some money and thanks for reading guys,
Sarah xo


  1. I should try this! I love nude lips; they're perfect all year round! Thanks for sending me your link last Sunday during #bbloggers chat! I really have been enjoying your blog! We have similar tastes!
    Hope you can check out my blog, too!

    Brittany's Secret

    1. It's deffo worth checking out! I love nude lips too! Glad you love my blog :) I'll check out yours ASAP x


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