Thursday, 20 September 2012

Naked Skin Thirst Aid Moisturiser

Quite a while ago I picked up The Naked Thirst Aid Moisturiser in Superdrug, in hopes that I could find something semi-affordable to sort out my horrifically dry skin, much like the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense had done.

Naked Skin Thirst Aid Moisturiser

 So, if you haven’t heard of the brand Naked Skin, and it’s a brand that’s mostly all natural ingredients. For instance this moisturizer is 97% all natural products. That fact makes it great for sensitive skin, which I agree it’s great. It didn’t irritate any sensitive areas or anything like that. 

It contains Argon Oil, Neroli Oil and Shea Butter which helps make it great for drier skin and getting that lasting moisturizing effect. The cream sinks in really quickly, and doesn’t leave any kind of film like some intense/dry skin moisturisers can do. 
It’s just not as good as I hoped it would be.  I am by no means saying that this isn’t a great moisturiser, it is!  It does what it says on the tin in a way but there is just something missing for me. 
 Naked Skin Thirst Aid Moisturiser
The only "bad" thing about this, for me, is the scent. Most ‘natural’ products have a very similar scent so once you've smelt one you've smelt them all. I really hate that scent. It smells herbally I think and I'm not a fan of that. 

The lack of smell in Simple product is why I love them so much. They are great for sensitive skin, they don’t certain all that harsh stuff and they don’t smell of anything. Unfortunately this carries that signature natural scent and it puts me off using it because I can smell it on my face all day.

You can pick up the Naked Thirst Aid Moisturiser in selected Superdrug stores or online here for £7.49

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  1. I have really dry sensitive skin too! you have a new follower :) check out my blog if you get 5 x

    1. This would probably be great for you! I just cannot get past the scent... I'm not a fan of the herbally type smells! I'll check out your blog when I get a chance :)


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