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Yardley Hand & Nail Cream | Royal English Daisy

Yardley Royal English Daisy Hand and Nail Cream is marketed as a easily adsorbed hand cream that contains Q10, shea butter, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. It claims to leave hands feeling soft and smooth whilst helping nails to strengthen up and remain conditioned also.  It's fragranced with their Royal English Daisy scent which is described as an elegant and fresh floral scent that is meant to be reminiscent of flower filled meadows in the spring. 
Yardley Hand & Nail Cream
Yardely Royal English Daisy Hand and Nail Cream. 100ml. £3.99. link

I adore this hand cream. I love the formula, the price and mostly I adore the scent
Yardley Hand & Nail Cream 

The first thing you need to do is stop thinking of Yardley as something your Nan wears. She probably does, and a lot of there scents do smell like they belong on more mature women but this one if the 'kid' of the pack. I'm not saying it smells like candy or anything like that, we have Britney Spears Perfumes for that but it smells less like 'old ladies' than any of the other Yardley scents, and it's a great fragrance for the summer. 
Yardley Hand & Nail Cream
I first smelt scent when I for a EDT sample  in a beauty box (She Said Beauty I think) and I was unsure about trying it. I put it to one side for quite some time before I gave it a sniff and I fell in love.  It's a nice fresh scent that while described as floral isn't really like a traditional floral scent. It's fresh, a little sweet and perfect for the spring/summer time. 

Yardley Hand & Nail Cream The hand cream is great for on the go. It doesn't leave my hands with any kind of residue and it leaves them feeling nice a moisturized. It's also nice that the scent lingers longer than other hand creams I've tried. It absorbs into my hands quickly, and does what a good hand cream is meant to do.

I would highly recommend this hand cream even if you haven't given the Royal English Daisy scent a sniff yet. I recommend it even more if you love the scent.  You can pick it up in Boots and Sainsbury's and also online here for just £3.99 per 100ml. 

 And if you're a Kate Middleton fan, this fragrance was inspired by her. 

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